nuzic 132



▶ Porter Ricks – Zebu II



▶ Porter Ricks – Redundance (Version)



▶ Porter Ricks – Redundance 3



Party like it’s 1997





2 thoughts on “nuzic 132

  1. jet

    It just amazes me they came back after 20 years and still sounded good.

    For whatever reason I really didn’t like what they did after Biokinetics at the time – the trebly wave-shapey gnarliness just sounded somehow simple and cheap compared to the deep mysteries of Biokinetics. Now I guess I know so much more that none of it is *that* mysterious – and most importantly all of it sounds great.

    1. tim Post author

      i know what you mean – but Redundance 3 is so insanely good – omg that driving filter squelch!!

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