nuzic 142



▶ Jónsi with Elizabeth Fraser – Cannibal





▶ via StinkyJim





▶ Can I just say this first: I hate “musicals”
No one walks around suddenly bursting into song…
Well, no one other than people I would like to stab in the jugular…
(metaphorically speaking of course… sing all you like, out of my earshot)

I saw Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as a kid, likely soon after it was released.
My Grandmother Irene (RIP) took me to it… Why am, I posting this now?
I heard this song/music cue again the other day, first time in a long time…
And I love the unsettling chiming notes before/after he sings… starting at 0.07
I suspected The Orb may have sampled exactly that, but after checking
they aren’t listed… But one sample use made me laugh:
“Lickable Wallpaper” was sampled in We Are the Music Makers by Aphex Twin (1992)
Of course it was!






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