nuzic 169



▶ From the Machine: Volume 1 by Kenneth Kirschner & Joseph Branciforte
Joseph Branciforte: “the music for this album was composed entirely in the max/msp environment (with the help of the bach externals), translated into traditional musical notation, and performed by musicians from international contemporary ensemble & flux quartet.
My collaborator on this project, kenneth kirschner, and I often talk about the sound-processing & synthesis aspects of max, while incredibly powerful, often overshadow the possibilities of using the computer as a processor of *compositional* data. This recording is our attempt to answer the question: what happens when one uses max not as a sound source, but as a shaper of musical form, harmony, & rhythm.”




▶ Dean Hurley – Concrete Feather via Boomkat



▶ classic!



▶ also classic!





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