nuzic 262



▶ sideproject – sourcepond



▶ goat (JP) – Joy In Fear



▶ SND & RTN – Tales From The Outer Rim EP



▶ Church Andrews & Matt Davies – Yucca



▶ Dorian Concept – ‘Hide (CS01 Version)’



▶ Enno Velthuys – A Glimpse of Light [Full Album] (1984)

So little is known about the son of Dutch children’s writer Max Velthuijs; the late, enigmatic and influential Enno Velthuys. So little is known in fact that even his death in 2009 went almost entirely unknown of until a few years after the fact. But that really is the perfect fit to the music of Velthuys; mysterious, unique, almost entirely forgotten…

From “Perfect Sound Forever”:
“Velthuys released six cassettes during his life, which can be found online, but they have never gotten to a proper re-issue yet. It’s a dream that (Hessel) Veldman also has. “I had an appointment with Douglas McGowan of Yoga Records in Amsterdam, where we talked about reissuing the work of Enno Velthuys. I even gave him the master-reels of Landscapes In Thin Air, thinking he would seriously re-issue the music. Now it’s two years later and still, Enno’s music is obscure and hard to get. (I) hope sometime things will turn out better for Enno Velthuys and his wonderful unique music.”



▶ Enno Velthuys ‎- Landscapes In Thin Air



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