nuzic 94



For the truly adventurous,
try mixing these first three videos together



▶ Mbuti Peoples Music – Hindewhu



▶ Aphex Twin at Barbican Hall, London, 10/10/12
June 19th 2019: “For the first time, James will showcase the multi-camera footage and full audio of this performance along with the extended piece for microphone/disco ball/laser, Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array, also performed at the Barbican that evening in 2012.”



▶ Beat Spacek – Ring Di Alarm
(wanted to post new tune but its not online yet, so #patience + this is equally great)



▶ Datach’i – Bones



▶ Despite it being 30+ years ago I can still vividly remember the day a friend brought the Banana LP over for a visit. Living in a shared Aikmans Road student flat maybe 1985? 1986… Listening for the first time… instantly appreciating that here was a band playing the same instruments as every other band I had heard, but with such fundamental differences so instantly apparent: intent. Despite the head nodding beauty of Ocean, it retains a danger.





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