NZ Music Month

Every year Aotearoa/NZ has ‘NZ Music Month’ #nzmusicmonth which (I think?) was first instigated to guilt/force commercial radio into actually playing any NZ music at all… Decades later it remains as an endearing anachronism, and accordingly RadioNZs great NZ Music host @CharlotteRyanNZ asked on Twitter: “What is your favourite song / track by a NZ artist? I want to play them on @radionz this month…”

So here’s five from me, no need to wait for broadcast, this is the interweb!




▶ Douglas Lilburn – The Return (1965)
poem by Alistair Campbell ; sound image by Douglas Lilburn.
Mahi Potiki, Māori voice
Tim Eliott, narrator
First heard a decade ago on vinyl via Lo Cost Records in Petone. As a renowned composer Lilburn founded the Electronic Music Studio at Victoria Uni in Wellington NZ in 1966, and spent the rest of his life composing with electronics. Love the ringmod Te Reo!



▶ Tall Dwarfs – Turning Brown & Torn in Two
Watched video debut during my first year at Ilam University 1985. Screened on a Sunday night Radio With Pictures, introduced by Karen Hay with a wry smile. Strangely brilliant. Brilliantly strange. Tape loop rhythm x scratch/found film.



▶ Marie & The Atom – Orange Towel Song
Never saw them live but remember stories of them playing support for The Gordons (CHCH mid 80s) and they had 44 gallon drums on stage…



▶ Micronism – Constructing Space
love all Denvers music – check the overhead gear photo in this article
I met Denver in early 90s via a Trade & Exchange ad… & bought his Oberheim Matrix 6 and Sequential Circuits SixTrack synths.



▶ Victoria Kelly – Landscape Prelude
I’ve worked on many films with Victoria, and cannot wait to hear whatever she does next.
But especially her next film score.





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