One small step for man, one giant LEAP for my (first) modular


plus these

equals LIFT OFF!

Received a UPS package from analogue haven this afternoon, which I ripped open as soon as I got home from a loud day spent premixing at Park Road Post…. mmmm bubble wrap! And even better, modules! The other half of what I’ve ordered is still 3-4 weeks away, but give me an evening or two & I’ll have some warped modular blurps & gleeps to play you, even if they only originate from my MC202 or Kaossilator… or my name isn’t Thomas J. Edison!

ok, now just to pay off using a tired old space phrase, go & indulge this 360 degree full screen VR (with sound) of the Apollo 11 mission. Once it loads just click & drag anywhere onscreen & you can rotate your view, like the lunar space cadet we’ve always suspected you were!

OK and if you’re really interested heres what it will eventually look like, in two greyscale dimensions (click image for full size)

mmmm a Polivoks filter… and an AFG… and an 808 kick drum… and a couple of FX loops for my Sherman Filterbank/Verona Retroverb/AKG BX5 Spring/201/555 Space Echos/whatever…. Only problem? In my mind I’ve already half filled another A100P Doepfer case… so I can already predict a bit of a mission late next year to pick up & hand carry a Monster Base back from Germany & spend the freight on MY atoms enjoying bits of Europe rather than an empty case full!

3 thoughts on “One small step for man, one giant LEAP for my (first) modular

  1. tj milian

    exciting times! i’m planning to build my first modular very soon. the afg and polivoks filter are definitely on my list. if you have any tips, please pass them on.

  2. tim

    I guess the first tip is that some modules are not made in large runs, so stock can run out & you might end up waiting months to get the modules you want… So anything weird/froma small supplier it would pay to order ahead of time eg the AFG is currently out of stock but I was lucky in that a new production run is in the process of being finished now….

  3. tj milian

    thanks for the tip. i’ll start ordering some modules soon. i haven’t decided which case to get. an external input like the a119 is a must for me. are you digging the z5000 effects? more cv control on it would be great.

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