Oobleck + Subwoofer?

direct youtube link for iphone/ipod touch

I like the idea, not sure if its fake or real but i strongly suspect the soundtrack for the first 1’20” is a red herring & bears no relationship to what we are seeing… & the camera move at 0.18 feels like your typical non-human CG camera move… but thats just my $0.05…. I also didnt know cornstarch + water had a name, but if it does, its not Oobleck

2 thoughts on “Oobleck + Subwoofer?

  1. mahoney

    It’s not CG, this is what happens when you put Oobleck (cornstarch and water at a ratio of 2:1) on a subwoofer. The soundtrack is simply there so we don’t have to listen to 2 minutes of feedback noise that the subwoofer is actually making.

    Also, the ‘oobleck’ link you provide to prove it’s not called Oobleck…clearly states in the 2nd line that the word is also used to describe non-newtonian fluids, such as cornstarch and water.

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