Optical Sound…. & Live Cinema? (updated)

I’m doing a workshop tomorrow with uk artist Guy Sherwin on ‘optical sound & live cinema’ – I’ll post tomorrow with some of what I hopefully learn and/or think, but for now heres a genius piece (sans soundtrack?) of his work:

direct youtube link for iphone/ipod touch

And 24 hours later: what an excellent, inspiring session this morning!!! We spent 3 hours messing with 16mm film in the most immediate of ways… After a bit of a tutorial I set to & hand traced some kanji onto clear 16mm film, then spent half an hour manually drawing on the optical soundtrack, 26 frames later than the picture, cos apparently thats the offset from when the image passes through picture ‘head’ until it hits the sound ‘head’… next i had a play with taking some found 16mm footage (of some bearded dude from a few decades back) by applying bleach to it, so that the colours/image blurred something wicked… and then took a drawing pin to it, punching holes where the onscreen geezers mouth should be & scratching the image until it became rather broken… after spending many hours messing with Motion/Final Cut etc it was a joy to be messing with images on such a primary level… in short, it was very inspiring & I have already started haunting trademe (nz’s ebay) for a 16mm projector or two…. expect a few short scratchy vids (telecined to HDV via project & reshoot) to turn up here in the near future….

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