OS Nostalgia

If you are of a certain age, and used classic 68K Macs in your youth…
PSA: Nostalgia Trigger Warning!

Running Mac OS7 and OS8 in your browser is a thing!



Mihai Parparita’s Infinite Mac presents classic Apple operating systems (Mac OS 8, System 7) in the browser: “They boot instantly, are filled with useful programs, allow data import, export and persistence, and try to bring the best of the web to retrocomputing.”

Once OS7 booted, my first stop was the sound app folder… which was underwhelming
Second stop was graphics, ahhh my old friend Photoshop 3.0! And remember Kais Power Tools?

I am so ancient that not long after I finished Film School and moved to Auckland, I did a night class for a month or so, learning to use the amazing new app Photoshop – I think it was v1.07, it would have been 91-92…

But I gotta say, it felt really strange seeing OS7 boot up, in a web browser!

Now how to get Turbosynth installed…




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