Our new motorway


At last! At loooooong last Wellington is creeping closer to the opening of the new Transmission Gully motorway!

Apart from providing a new route from the city North, it will have a major impact for me and everyone who lives out this side of Porirua as currently ALL traffic heading north passes by the turn off to Plimmerton. I don’t commute and have the flexibility to avoid rush hour traffic but when I can’t avoid it, it is a royal PITA!

A recent drone fly through of the work in progress, BYO music:

And a fly over in a Cessna:



When they opened the nearby Kapiti Expressway (which Transmission Gully will connect to) they had an open day where everyone was invited to walk or cycle the new road. I didn’t bother to go as presumed parking and access would be a nightmare.. And it was, but I also didn’t forsee the great potential for post-apocalyptic photos of crowds of normies walking on the spanking new infrastructure. Won’t make that mistake again – bring it on!





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