I just came across this most beautiful of albums: Yasujiro Ozu – Hitokomakura and I shall quote from the record labels description….

“This is the second of a series of label projects pertaining to film directors… This release turns its focus upon Yasujiro Ozu’s use of “pillow shots” (i.e. short poetic pauses that appear between the acting segments of his films. The term “pillow shot” was not coined by Ozu himself, but several years after his passing in the early 1960s by a Japanese journalist who was trying to draw a comparison of the intermediate scenes to “pillow words” found in traditional Japanese poetry.

Each artist who appears on this release was asked to choose one or more “pillow shots” to use as inspiration for their pieces. A link to web pages containing a large assortment of pillow shots” was provided, and accordingly, the pillow shots were reserved on a first come, first served basis. The artists also watched the films from which the pillow shots came from in order to get a sense of how their chosen pillow shots were employed by Ozu.”

“The sound work featured represents a wide range of artistic approaches, but as always with these projects, the artists were chosen specifically, based on their previous work and on how it might contribute to the collective whole of each project.”

download Steve Roden mp3
download Hitoshi Kojo mp3
download John Hudak mp3

Ozu-san’s films have had a major influence on audiences & directors alike, often sited by people such as Jim Jarmusch & Wim Wenders, this album is well worthy of investigation.. available worldwide via forced exposure

Yasujiro Ozu’s site, imdb filmography, wikipedia page and selected filsm by Midnight Eye

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