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▶ Alex Kassian – Spirit Of Eden
via StinkyJim



▶ Alex Kassian – Spirit Of Eden (Bill Laswell Dub)



▶ Altone – Repeatability



▶ Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto – Movement 10




An invitation

They are so last decade…

For a while it seemed like social media had made blogs redundant, but as the platforms pursued their intensive enshitification and people grew tired of their connection to ‘things’ (ideas, photos, articles, news) being filtered and reprioritised by the algorithms platform optimised to sell ads, blogs have in fact retained their relevance. And funnily enough they still serve the same purpose now as they did back then: as a personal archive, a conduit for sharing ideas, or really whatever the author wants them to be.

The first post here is dated September 18, 2006. I had a friend with a server install wordpress for me just after I got home from attending the Berlinale Talent Campus, with the words of Peter Broderick from a workshop ‘online marketing for indie film makers’ still ringing in my ears:
I took the advice on blind faith but have never regretted it. And all these years later I am so very aware of & thankful for all the human connections that have occurred.

Why the nostalgia? Well I suspect as most productive creative people will tell you, being creative and doing things is not dependent on feedback. If you want to be creative, and unstoppable then the reward has to come from the work itself. For long time readers, remember when I used to make little ‘sound advice’ posts? There is one in particular that I always try to keep in mind: Sound Advice 061

Having said that, I also know every human being struggles with mental health at some time or other. Our energy & focus waxes and wanes. It is part of what makes us human. And I have always kind of loathed this meme:

The wrong solution is to become thick-skinned and immune to feedback, or to be completely self serving. A word of kindness can have an impact far beyond such a seemingly simple action. An actual example of the positive effect of unprompted feedback & encouragement occurred a few months back on Twitter. For no apparent reason Peter from CDM tweeted as below:

And one of the replies – also included above – is exactly the reason why the link sidebar reappeared on the right, soon after. They are right, a link shared by a person you trust & have an idea of their sensibilities can be invaluable, and can lead to the best kind of discoveries. Remember when that’s what the Internet felt like? Endless discovery.

Blogs also encourage learning through doing. For example, I am no coder but I slowly learnt how to use wordpress as a blog, then as a static portfolio platform and years later had enough knowledge (& knew what questions to ask) to build a Woocommerce site. From which I now earn my living. That is a massively positive side effect, from such a humble starting point. As the saying goes about overnight success: “There is no such thing as an overnight success. It takes time, effort and patience. You have to be willing to work for the long-term….”

Marc from Disquiet started a thread at Lines forum, with similar sentiment.
Please Share/Start Your Blog
With an accompanying essay on his blogs 20th anniversary

So consider this an invitation.
If you have a blog that includes any aspect of your creative process – music, sound, art, photography, poetry, whatever – then please feel free to leave a comment with a link to it and I will add it to the list of blogs. Also as Marc said: “If you’re looking for a definition of a blog, I’d say something with an RSS feed is a helpful way to think about it.”

They are the future!
A future unmediated by advertising and toxic algorithms.


Detritus 700



▶ nifty!



▶ Why the Ferrari F355 Sounds So Good



▶ Fascinating article that I hope I never need: Preventing Secondary Trauma
“Whether it involves victims of a chemical attack or a bombing, open source investigators are required to watch and interact with raw footage from the field — it lies at the core of online open source investigation. As a consequence of the increase in eyewitness media, investigators come in contact with a high amount of graphic footage. While this is potential evidence for investigative and accountability purposes, we must be mindful of the effects that traumatic media can have on those coming in contact with it on a regular basis.”



▶ Such a brutal review in the Guardian of Eno & Fred Agains new album“as if prompted by an edition of his famous Oblique Strategies commands to artists remade for the under-fives: perhaps “play the piano with one finger” or “make a noise like the wind” or “think of a time you were sad”….

I had a listen and only went looking for reviews as found the album somewhat underwhelming, and so I expected mixed reviews… but WTF! That review is attempted murder! Or far more likely, pent-up venting, by someone with an axe to grind.



▶ Doctorow on the Hollywood Writers Strike



The scale of fraudulent streaming!?!

Robots creating music, streamed by other robots, as criminals bank the profits.

“According to a recent French study, up to 3% of music streams on services like Spotify are known to be fraudulent. Yet this number only represents the ‘fake streams’ that services can actually detect; it doesn’t include the ones they don’t uncover.
Stream fraud monitoring firms like Beatdapp put the actual figure at “at least 10%” of overall streams.
The 7% differential there (between the 3% known figure, and the 10% cited by Beatdapp) would have been worth $1.2 billion in stolen royalties in 2022 alone. (Music streaming generated USD $17.5 billion in wholesale global industry revenues in 2022, according to IFPI.; 7% of that figure is $1.23bn.)”



▶ Could Soundclouds fan powered royalty system fix the currently inequitable pro-rata streaming payment system?



▶ Fascinating interview with WMD founder William Mathewson – love the ethical entrepreneurial spirit!



▶ wow check this haikyo building near Nara



▶ An adult female Haast tokoeka
photo credit: Orokonui Ecosanctuary



▶ the (distorted/clipping) sound of a 15,684kg bell ringing #FML
annoying dude on the left watching: ‘there’s a spare one over here’

Also: building a bell sound





Detritus 699






“How much use is a blurry jpeg, when you still have the original?”



▶ love the photos in this article of Yuri Suzukis sound installations
I think there is some of his work outside the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan which I visited in 2017 (photos here) (the Museum also has a James Turrell space!)



▶ Musical instrument ui is a fascinating subject: Hannes on icons and symbols





▶ mmmm Braun hifi brochures (thanks Tom)



▶ Spiritual Jazz LPs 4×4 – how many do you know?



▶ The best kind of advice?
Advice That Actually Worked For Me



▶ whoah!



▶ impressive work!
(photo from reddit)





Off to the lab

Ektar100 x1 shot with Natura S camera
TriX400 x2 shot with Canon 1V SLR
Portra400 x2 shot with TX2/XPAN II
Across100 x2 shot with TX2/XPAN II

Splendid Lab in Wellington & Auckland offer a 3 day service
so I look forward to the buzz of seeing the scans of all these on Friday!



Detritus 698



▶ #aspirational



▶ I might have actually stuck with learning notation if it used Klavarskribo
Every Good Boy Deserves FreedomFromNotation!





▶ Gawd… Has the judge & jury not suffered enough already!?
(Ed Sheeran sings in court as part of Marvin Gaye copyright case)



▶ bleak af: “PFAS is an umbrella term for thousands of human-made substances known as “forever chemicals” because they will not break down in the environment for thousands of years. Some are also known to be toxic and can accumulate in the human body.”



▶ I’d love to record this!



This Content is for Human Consumption Only



▶ “I WOKE UP one day last year and realized I no longer listened to music.
Instead I just listened to sludge (what’s the bet they “get into vinyl”)



▶ CymaScope



Cymatic violin?



▶ Loved the audio mcguffin in Succession S04E06





▶ There is a great thread on the lines forum: Nature Timers; Periodicity where someone prompted an old memory, and I found the source of it. The work of Mineko Grimmer – “Sculpturing With Sound : Mineko Grimmer uses ice, pebbles and other materials to create works that are as pleasing to listen to as they are to look at”





Cymbal Bacon

When I saw it online shopping from a Japanese percussion shop I was intrigued enough to order one & try it… Meinl cymbal bacon is simple but interesting physical modification hardware, which will undoubtedly encourage me to explore further… with chains & whatever else appeals..
On a simple level, it adds sustain & a buzzy rattle to any cymbal. And the design is also simple & effective:

But it also reveals the complex vibrations still occurring in cymbals after they have stopped audibly sustaining. A great candidate for shooting some 120fps video too!



Sound Sculpture

Another book to add to my Instrument Building book list: Sound Sculpture, ed. John Grayson
Download [PDF, 24mb] at ubuweb
A collection of essays by artists surveying the techniques; applications; and future directions of sound sculpture.



BERNARD BASCHET: Structurcs Sonores
FRANCOIS BASCHET: Structures Sonores and the Future
A. VILLEMINOT:Sketches of Large Scale Baschet Sound Sculptures
HARRY BERTOIA: Sounding Sculptures
ALLAN KAPROW: Animation: Stephan Von Huene’s Sound Sculptures
REINHOLD PIEPER MARXHAUSEN: Variations on the Theme for Listening to Door Knobs
CHARLES MATTOX: The Evolution of My Audio-Kinetic Sculptures


HARRY PARTCH: Monophonic Just Intonation (excerpted)
LOU HARRISON: Lou Harrison’s Music Primer (excerptcd)
GYORGY KEPES The New Landscape in Art and Science (excerpted)
R. MURRAY SCHAFER: The Graphics of Musical Thought


WALTER WRIGHT: Videotape Kitchen Notes
DAVID ROTHENBERG: Visual Music – A New Art Form
JOHN CHOWNING: The Simulation of Moving Sound Sources (excerpted)
Corporeal Sound Sculpture
JOHN GRAYSON: A Sound Awareness Workshop


WILLIAM COLVIG: A Western Gamelan
PAUL EARLS: Sounding Space: Drawing Room Music
IVOR DARREG: The Amplifying Clavichord
TONY PRICE: A Musical Carillon
A Concert of Factory Sirens and Steam Whistles
LUIS FRANGELLA: Rain Music II : A Large Scale Environmental Sound Sculpture
MAX DEAN: A Sound Activated Sound Sculpture
Sound Sewage
Selected Readings
A Request to Sound Sculptors

Detritus 697





▶ “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost. Light at the blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. It disperses among the molecules of the air, it scatters in water.” – A FIELD GUIDE TO GETTING LOST
by Rebecca Solnit via Twitter (also a book I have gifted to nieces & nephews)



▶ ‘The film industry is gone. It sucks’: Jim Jarmusch on swapping directing for drone rock

“Our music isn’t always formulaically structured, so we don’t quite know where it’s going to go when we’re starting out. We don’t have the traditional structure of A, B, C – we just have A, and occasionally B. Structures are not what we’re interested in; we’re interested in a feeling.”



▶ great album title: “Terraforming with sludge”



▶ beautiful & profane?



▶ “Put your hands in the air!”





nuzic 225



▶ Kelela – Washed Away



▶ Paul St. Hilaire – Tikiman Vol​.​1



▶ DD3/Shed – Fences






I visited Durie Hill in Whanganui NZ which has this 213 metre long tunnel, with a vertical escalator/lift at the end, which takes you up to a panoramic viewpoint…

On first visit yesterday, performing handclaps was unreal as there is actually a flat wall at the end of the tunnel – the elevator entrance is around a corner… So a clap excites the verb in the tunnel, then a huge slap echo bounces back and excites the tunnel verb again! Depending where you stand when you make a sound, you can vary the time until the slap delay occurs & it got quite ‘zingy’ sounding & almost sounded like a ricochet at times…

This morning I went & got some balloons – I had my starter pistol in the car, but this is a public place… and I wasn’t keen for a Police armed offenders callout… Will see if I can deconvolve it into an IR…

Note to self: in future always have a pack of balloons in my recorder bag. The SPL and impulse from a ballon pop in such a confined space was VERY effective!