Election stats



Like most of the country I was glued to the TV & internet on Saturday night as the election results started to come in… Results were slower than I thought, given there was a huge amount of early voting…

But then I saw this tweet:


The embargo only lifted at 7pm, could someone really predict the outcome 20minutes in and with only 3% of the vote? I had thought I’d be staying up until the last voting result came in, but by an hour later the prediction was still holding:



GE2020 Official Results





Oamaru architecture








Due to easy access to limestone a lot of buildings in Oamaru and surrounding area look amazing due to their construction. Even out in the countryside I would come across eg a small rural community hall that was as grandoise…

Photos above are Fujifilm 35mm Natura Black 24mm/F1.9 lens with Fujifilm Natura 1600
Photo below is from my iPhone, must be the flashest bank in NZ!!



The area is also famous as home to Blue Penguins with a special touristy viewing area… But this bit of branding on the main street of Oamaru made me LOL





GH2 Spring




GH2 = 4 mandarin, 2 yuzu, 2 lime, 2 olive, 2 tamarillo, 1 passionfruit, 2 cucumber,
4 strawberry, 1 lavendar, 1 dwarf peach, 1 elderberry, 1 fig, 1 locquat, 2 banana, LOTs of lettuce
plus lots of seedlings; shiso, mizuna, lettuce, radish etc



(i dug this plot over during winter, added fertliser and a month or so ago I decided to grow rhubarb. I bought four rhubarb plants, small but all looked sturdy. Planted them all, top right plant just took off & is growing like crazy, bottom right slower to start but also doing very well, top left is dead, bottom left is stunted & very slow growing. Moral of the story? Plant multiple seedlings/ideas so the ones with strong genetics and roots reveal themselves… but don’t give up on the slow developers!)




(peas, beetroot, silver beet… I used to think peas were a summer crop – plant them in spring & eat them in summer… but I’d buy six or ten seedlings and get barely enough peas to eat – most got eaten raw in the garden. So this year I bought seed and planted lots in the greenhouse during winter, and eventually maybe 50 or 60 seedlings out into this garden, result: LOTS of delicious super crunchy fresh peas!)



GH1 = 22 tomato plants on the left, with basil and marigolds… will become a forest in next 2 months!
2 blueberry, 1 dwarf bamboo & cactii etc on right


temperature in greenhouse is about 10 degrees C warmer than outside…
so a crappy grey Friday Ext = 12deg C, interior = 25deg C





Coming next week




Two new HISSandaROAR sound libraries release next week!

It’s kinda funny, while recording the machine in the photo above, at one point I realised I was recording 5 channel audio, along with sync video on my Canon 5D3, while also flying my drone capturing some wide shots! Multitasking FTW!




Detritus 554



▶ XXL EBows via Oscillatorial Binnage



▶ Japanese mascots getting stuck, a thread



▶ googles: Autechre SIGN review on N2O
WHAAAT? zero results? the internet has failed me



Forms – Screen Ensemble from Playmodes Studio on Vimeo.

FORMS – SCREEN ENSEMBLE via matrixsynth



▶ The opposition party in NZ has been rapidly imploding, which means an opportunity will soon appear for a new leader and one person who seems to get mentioned a bit is also a Pentecostal… which doesn’t really make sense since the majority of citizens of NZ are non-religious… But, watching pentecostal “dancing” with music swapped out to something completely inappropriate is still LOL funny…


Do you think they practice their moves at home?




nuzic 146



▶ Melody Gardot – From Paris With Love



▶ Happy 80th Birthday Pharoah Sanders



▶ Machinedrum – ‘The Relic (feat. Rochelle Jordan)’



▶ love that staccato break at 0’45”

nerd alert:
go to the Youtube videos settings on the following cued up clip,
set playback to 50% & hit play

so good