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▶ In Waters (Rework) · Palazzi D’Oriente · babe roots · Milly James



▶ Fluxion – Duet



▶ Frenk Dublin – The Echo Orbit (Original Mix)



▶ Phaeleha – Equinox Dub





Detritus 615



▶ I was waiting for the jurassic footstomp, but in a bowl of milk rather than glass of water…
Sequel please!



▶ As a (sound) editor, possibly the greatest separator between “pro” and “not pro” is how you deal with notes. A thread



▶ A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Image Verification



▶ wow!



▶ Wonder what the Phantom Expander is up to nowadays?





▶ This week I’ve had a few strange diversions, for example I never thought I would say either of these two things but (1) I BBQ’d a shovel and (2) bought some Stinging Nettle seedlings!

The shovel BBQ was a last resort, and it worked! After breaking the handle off a couple of shovels (wrangling heavy clay) I bought an industrial looking shovel – it was a bit more expensive but looked like it was made to last… But yes I broke the handle off it too, so I went & bought a new handle for it… But how the fck do you get the old broken off handle out?
First I used an angle grinder to remove the two riveted bolts that stop the handle sliding out, but there was still a major broken off piece jammed inside, preventing my new handle from being used. Next I got a drill and tried drilling the wood and that worked to a degree but there was still a sizeable chunk inside I couldn’t reach… I was stumped… until…
OK FCK IT! I AM GOING TO BURN THIS MOFO! I cranked up my gas BBQ, put the shovel on it & slowly got it very hot.. Smoke started to come out of where the wood was so I was starting to have hope and after another ten minutes or so of grilling my shovel, the stupid bit of wood fell out effortlessly! Cooled it down, rammed the new handle in and I was back in business (ie creating a new garden where 3 Tamarillo plants are going to live)

The stinging nettle is part of a project I will elaborate more on… if it’s successful. They arrived in a box from Kahikitea Farms who sell all sorts of interesting plants and seedlings. I also got some more asparagus and a range of herbs… and the nettle stung me at least three times while I was unpacking & repotting it. Thanks for the sudden wake up of my nervous system, nettle!



▶ I miss Japan but I sure don’t miss the godawful Xmas music they play on constant loop at Yodobashi! Even 30 seconds of it and I can feel my soul leaving my body..





Vintage Guitar Auction



The same auction house Central Markets Auctions that I bought my piano from has an upcoming auction for an amazing vintage guitar collection.

Vintage Guitar Auction – 9th December 2021 at Central Markets, Lower Hutt

Photos are on their FB page here but below are a few of the oddities and beauties that caught my eye:










I’m not in the market for such things, but will attend the auction if I have time, just out of interest. If anyone needs a proxy let me know.


My musical instrument auction story:
Back in the day I was a kid in Christchurch in the late 1980s, playing bass in bands & starting to get into recording. I had an ok Ibanez bass guitar, funded by Startup Cows
In Christchurch the main musical instrument shop was called CJs, owned by Charlie who it seemed had been there forever. A new store opened next door to them, part of a new chain of shops in NZ called Big Bang. Unfortunately, their aspirations did not come to fruition and their name prophetic: a year or two later they went into liquidation and an auction was held to sell off all their remaining stock.
I attended the auction out of interest… but very late in the auction a beautiful Rickenbacker 4003 bass came up & no one bid! The auctioneer kept dropping the starting bid price, but no one bid and he was just about to pass on it when right at the last minute I put my hand up, & bought it for $500! I had never seen a Rickenbacker bass sell for less than $1k, so I knew it wasn’t a risk.
I sold my old Ibanez bass to fund it and enjoyed playing that Rickenbacker bass for a while. But after exploring it for a year I eventually sold it for more than twice what I paid, and used the funds to buy a beautiful Maton fretless bass… I kept that for a few years but it sadly was stolen from an old church that I was then living in, by Latimer Square.





Distributed feedback




This setup has one Peizothing on each Timpani, plus one BT-Peizothing on the bass drum with a bluetooth speaker underneath it.. Once the bass drum was feeding back, I slowly tune the two Timpani as they feedback until I have a beautiful harmonic drone, spread across the room… It sounds beautiful but the best part? Once the drone is established, if I slowly detune one of the timpani, the others follow the pitch via sympathetic resonance!

Don’t worry – I will record some & share a video, but not until after FOLIAGE library is finished! (If I start recording feedback, I won’t stop and FOLIAGE will never get finished! And I haven’t decided how I am going to record it yet but will need to be multichannel: mics in the room, contact mics on the surfaces and direct feeds from each Peizothing = 8 channels minimum!)




Detritus 614



Richard Sides – don't blow it in the vector from Vanessa Carlos on Vimeo.



▶ Culinary Detectives? mmm umami



▶ Interesting analysis: Plug In Capitalism

VC is fascinating
I don’t own any of their products but someone suggested I should check out OUTPUT who make Kontakt instruments. I was interested to learn who was actually behind Output, but could not find a single human name on their website… but their hiring list seemed very surprising and after asking Google, discovered they had received US$45mill in VC!!
Meanwhile Splice received US$47mill in VC

There is gold in them there hills/VC firms!









XPAN x Cyanotype




Such fun, learning new methods etc…
I love the slightly unpredictable and inherently analog nature of cyanotype prints. Some of the images I have printed multiple times and the outcome every time is ‘unique’ – sometimes uniquely good, other times uniquely not so great but always a learning experience!





Late night shenanigans




Fujifilm TX2 with Kodak Tmax100

Was surprised how well these came out!
I shot a few test frames with my Canon 5D3 with iso set same as my XPAN, to check exposure…
Then its just open the shutter, light the props and hope for the best!
Gotta say, writing backwards from reverse pov is also kinda tricky 🙂








My vote for NZ #birdoftheyear goes to the smallest!
Tītipounamu – Rifleman are tiny weighing only 6 grams and 7-9cm in length
And hows this: a pair have been found in Wellington!

But imagine back in the 1950s, being a film photographer and thinking you have captured the first ever photo of a Tītipounamu/Rifleman in flight.. Imagine heading into the darkroom, waiting to see the neg… and then the first print!
K.V. Bigwood did exactly this, capturing this photo in Nov 1951 at Lake Ohau!


#cyanotype from original photo, ref:





Detritus 613



Apparently this is made for carrying stones for skipping…
me: could also hold emergency biscuits/cookies!



RIP Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi



Fairlight sound library database





▶ How the vinyl industry reached breaking point



▶ ever use Gumroad? I’ve bought a few plugins using gumroad, so it was interesting to read this outline of how they tried to use VC to build it into a billion dollar business, failed, and slowly came to realise pursued #greed and failed, only to eventually realise sustainability is a better goal FFS!







▶ The Samples of Photek



▶ love what he does at @8.58