Wind recording



My house has been shaking for the last day or two, with gale force Northerly winds… So today I decided to lug my mics up Hawkins Hill, to record the wind in an extreme location….



Its about 3km walk up to the radar station, so I loaded up my trolley to save my back…






At each location it was mainly a matter of finding a place to shelter the microphones, relative to a viable perspective of the source – ie what the wind was sctivsting… Sometimes I could take a step, and be in full wind blasting up a valley, but one step back and be completely sheltered from it…




Detritus 607





▶ Lockdown project: Teach Yourself to Echolocate also at NPR



▶ This parasite drugs its hosts with the psychedelic chemical in ‘shrooms



prepared guitar archive



Do the work you want to see done



▶ hmmmmm….
Commodity Fetishism module has potential to destroy your modualr synth
and maybe burn your house down?



Brilliant and Disappointing? A headline that pretty much sums up why reading film reviews is pointless (re Dune)



▶ Love this work, insta: Sound Sculpture Inc



▶ Composing Audiovisually – interesting new book, interview with the author here



▶ Dear Texas:








Just got some bottle gourds – I’m planning to grow some this summer…
These are for version 1 DIY Poi Awhiowhio


This is the piece of music that made me start researching Poi Whiowhio:




Lake Tekapo



On my last road trip down South I was aiming to get amongst snow, and despite driving all over the McKenzie country never really found much… Before I headed home I drove up the North side of Lake Tekapo, thinking since there is a ski-field there must be snow there… And there was!



I’ve shot at this location many times before, and always revisit it as depending on the water level it often looks like a giant karesansui/dry garden… Total luck this time, the snow had settled and temperature was cold enough not to melt!



Until next time, old friend!


Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Kodak Tmax100




magic smoke





but also..
if you use eurorack modular
experiencing ‘magic smoke’ is a bummer
it means there is a major fault and something just died & went to heaven

will a fuse save you? should a fuse save you?
that’s going to depend on the fuse

For example,
will the fuse blow faster than whatever component the fault is about to blow?
the only possible answer, based on un-defined externalaties is… “it depends”





Given the cost of eurorack cases with psu, a better question to ask is:
does this power supply have protection?

When I got my cases built, they came with TipTop power supplies
and no matter the fault, the worst they do is not power on.
They have protection (ie detect a fault & protect the valuables)

I’ve blown a few modules via faulty power in Doepfer G6 cases…

Check your protection!





Flame organ




How beautiful is the pitch envelope and tonality of this ‘flame organ’ – it almost feels plaintive…

From RNZ: “By heating metal gauze inside 44 open-ended glass tubes with individual Bunsen burners, each mechanically linked to an antique piano keyboard, Alistair Galbraith and a team of glassblowers, physicists, and engineers have created a fire organ.

The glass Rijke tubes of the fire organ make musical notes that at times sound like a trombone, at others like a conch shell, or even a strange type of singing, but only after the heat from the Bunsen burners is removed from the red hot gauze sitting inside each of the tubes.

Invented by Petrus Leonardus Rijke in 1859, the Rijke tube and it’s cousin the Sondhauss tube (with one or both ends closed), translate heat-differential into sound waves, using thermoacoustics.”





Pre-emptive strike




My older sister had some ABBA vinyl, and from the very first listen I absolutely loathed it!
But she also had Laurie Anderson – Oh Superman on vinyl, so it was just a case of having to hide the ABBA shite and all was good… So I’ll have my tin foil ready for when the holograms come calling!
Not this time SATAN!