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▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto & Shiro Takatani – TIME



Where Did the Long Tail Go? – interesting article with many interesting comments (makes a change from social medias shallow commentary) – another article worth a read, mentioned in the comments:
The Rise of the Internet’s Creative Middle Class



▶ Is this a great idea or a really bad idea?
pro: easy to record dawn chorus
con: impossible to sleep in, due to dawn chorus right beside your head!



▶ If you’re on a wait list or frustrated by unreliable availability of tech goods, this article explains the chip shortage “The components in a semiconductor can travel well over 50,000 kilometers and cross more than 70 international borders before a chip finally reaches its end customer”



▶ wow glasshouse life goals! – I really hope it makes a really great, scary, dangerous sound when it opens! “Mecha glasshouse open, take 1… ”



▶ The Matrix of Pejoration



▶ Rhythm Becomes Pitch
aka the dot becomes a line






First two Tamarillos are ripe, weirdly these two were outside.
All the others are in my greenhouse and are still quite firm…

Lots of good recipes here

First I’ll try tamarillo crumble, then tamarillo muffins…
and then maybe make chutney!



nuzic 202



▶ Arvo Pärt – Für Alina for Elektron Model:Cycles



▶ Blind Test // Drum Machines – Episode 23 (Electronic Beats TV)



▶ Y-Bayani and Baby Naa & their Band of Enlightenment Reason and Love – Rehwe Mie Enyim
via StinkyGrooves





Detritus 648



▶ This is niche retro entertainment but so great!
Made in 1980s UK, TV series FRED follows steeplejack & steam-age tinkerer Fred Dibnah
All 7 eps are on youtube (Any mechanically minded elder relatives will likely enjoy this!)

▶ “wind is every steeplejacks enemy….” – Fred Dibnah ep 1/8
EP1@27.30 Fred explains exactly why I fly a drone
(ep2 needs some new foley/ladder foots)



▶ battle glocks?



▶ Dieter Rams? hold my teenage design beer



NFTs, a critical look specifically for use selling digital art



▶ love this!



▶ #PCBart



▶ Fascinating interview with Jeff Mills, about working with Tony Allen



▶ Interesting to see some of the ‘text to image’ art made by recent AI/ML, especially MidJourney – check the examples in this article…
It’s also funny noting my own reaction to it: the images are unreal but at times as aesthetically interesting as some human work. But would I say the same if it was AI generated music? One of the features of MidJourney is ‘style transfer’ – how long will it be before there is text to music, with that feature?
“Can – Vitamin C, in the style of Rhythm & Sound, performed by Film Score Orchestra in Vienna”



▶ 7:11 Polyrhythm in Oscilloscope





Clash of the EMF Titans

Ether just arrived so I am comparing it with the Elektrosluch 3+
(Ether feels like it has some heavy AGC?)

I usually miss out with LOMs lack of a wait-list, but lucked in when they randomly had a pair of Elektrouši in stock – “passive electromagnetic sensors. You can plug them to your Elektrosluch 2, Elektrosluch 3 or Elektrosluch 3+ for extended range of sensing or use them with portable recorders.”

I’ll do a test and compare the results recording with:
1. [Elektrouši > Elektrosluch 3+ > MixPre] and
2. [Elektrouši > MixPre]



reblog – CAT VOCALS

repost from 2012:

“I stumbled across this recording in my library today & realised I hadn’t heard it in years – the creation date of the file is 4 October 1998, although that would be when I transferred the DAT so the recording would have been a week or so earlier….

My strongest memory of this recording was my inability to identify WTF was I hearing!?! I remember sitting in the lounge in this house in Melrose, Wellington and suddenly noticing it and thinking WTF was it? It sounded like two babies crying, but their wails kept rising and falling in unison… I snuck towards the location of the sound – the backyard – and realised what it was, crept back to my room, grabbed my trusty DAT recorder and 416 mic, hit record and silently crept out the back door, getting as close as I could without disturbing the drama..”

Mysterious Cargo

Back in the year 2000, I moved my life & work from Auckland to Wellington. In Auckland my studio had been in a building as part of The Inside Track, where I helped complete a few TV series and films. The move was made a little more challenging, due to breaking my leg at 2am on New Years morning. When I was checked into the hospital, the doc who saw me said something like ‘Ahar! First bone break of the new millennium!”
Imagine having to pack up your house & studio, and move cities, all while on crutches!

Anyway, I moved into a warehouse space in Jessie St, central city Wellington… And we started work on a TV series and a film, Stickmen, both of which motivated the relocation. We’d been working on the TV series, Street Legal, for about 2 months when a courier package arrived, addressed to me. It felt quite heavy, and as I was not expecting anything I was intrigued… until I opened it,a nd then I was VERY intrigued!
This was entire the contents of the courier bag:

Who sends someone a brick, with a doll bound to it by rope!?
I asked everyone I knew and apart from absurd theories, no one had any idea that lead anywhere…
So I stuck it on a shelf at the back of my studio, and kinda forgot about it….
Months pass, and we are getting to the last episode of the TV series…
And guess what?

In the final episode, a creepy villain throws a brick through a window…
And guess what’s attached to the brick?
That freaking doll!

I called the series producer, Chris Hampson and asked him WTF…
I never heard his reply, all I could hear was laughing down the phone line. It seems the entire production office were in on the joke… “We thought you might need it for sound effects…”

Thank you very much!

I am cleaning out my basement at the moment, building a larger foley room, and sorting through my archive of props and junk. Some is going to the recyclers, some to the dump, but this brick isn’t going anywhere…




Deep dive

A friend who lives up North won this at auction, and asked me to pick it up as the seller did not want to ship it… He described it as an underwater housing for his Bolex 16mm camera, so I imagined a plastic shaped thingy… This beast is solid steel & must weigh like 20kg! Apparently is good to 300ft underwater although it feels like it could cope with a visit to the Mariana Trench!

Before I hand it over I may have to record all the little latches – much clank!




Detritus 647



▶ very fast!



▶ Just how important is eye contact between musicians?



▶ great to see Robert Henkes CBM 8032 AV project in action – at 7.30 in this video from Moers Festival 2022



▶ Sorry to hear Ryuichi Sakamoto is battling stage 4 cancer: “Since I have made it this far in life, I hope to be able to make music until my last moment, like Bach and Debussy whom I adore.”



▶ This is so great:

“I often do middle-of-the-night practice sessions at the @Royal Albert Hall , and have grown rather fond of hall staff calling up to the organ with requests. At 1am on Friday 20th, someone called up asking me to play Bach’s Toccata in D minor. It turned out it was Bonobo’s band. 12 hours later they had written me an organ part, and 18 hours later I was helping them close their show to an audience of 5000. This was, undoubtedly, the best moment of my life so far…!”

▶ Organist Anna Lapwood perspective performing ‘Otomo’ live with Bonobo at the Royal Albert Hall


▶ Bonobo and organist Anna Lapwood perform ‘Otomo’ live at the Royal Albert Hall





Stormy AF

This storm that has been relentless for a week now (with gale force winds, torrential rain & huge surf) has almost passed, so I went for a drive at lunchtime to survey the damage… which had mostly been cleaned up already!

I shot some long exposures, from 1-3min on Fuji Acros…
With the sea so chaotic it will be interesting to see how they come out…

Crazy amount of sea foam!
Guess I’ll be washing my tripod tonight…





Detritus 646



▶ brilliant idea, beautifully realised by David Bird > his insta



Xenakis – Revolution documentary
(may require VPN to view)



▶ Fascinating project 3d printing FFTs – see Github



▶ Wish I was in Kyoto to visit this Eno exhibition



▶ Another sampler platform/SaaS



▶ Derek Sivers – Books I’ve read + notes



▶ Tokyo melody: un film sur Ryuichi Sakamoto
Documentary directed by French photographer Elizabeth Lennard featuring the eclectic Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto during the recording sessions of his 1984 album “Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia”.



Echoes for unknown egos―manifestations of sound (Teaser) from YCAM on Vimeo.

▶ wow Shun Ishiwakas fantastic drum kit rig!!