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▶ 2023 Photomicrography Competition
wow to #2 match strike… and 10,11,16!



▶ “In my conversations with him, we never seemed to be talking precisely about music or not about music but, rather, a continuum of events with musical implications.”



▶ Found first three issues of 1980s Darkroom Photography Magazine at
download as a PDF







fantastic kinetic visual art by PARKER HEYL



▶ but no bitcoin!





▶ great read, on criticism and AI: empire of the senseless

“One could rephrase Greene’s question as “Who is trying to make this technology happen and why?” Who wants us to believe that we should delegate to statistical models the capability to dictate what sounds “really” convey by certain descriptions? Who wants a post-critical world where works can be fully described algorithmically and functionally deployed to accomplish various ends?
This can be asked of every “AI” application: chatbots, text-to-image models, emotion-detection technology, brain-wave translators, and on and on. On what terms can these projects even be understood to “work” — in what sort of world are emotions, aesthetic experiences, thoughts, etc., directly translatable into specific data — and who wants us to believe in them? Who is demanding that we live in that world? For whom is that world appealing?



▶ The corporate takeover of music – lessons from bandcamp





Fact checking isn’t enough



▶ “We’ve also come from this kind of approach where we’re not Danny Rampling waving vinyl around, or suffering from that sort of visibly loud ‘hot encoder/hot fader’ syndrome.” – lol



▶ EU leading by example with data privacy







Te Rongoā Māori

Scored this fascinating book, when I was visiting a recycling store buying props this morning.
Christchurch library has some useful links for more info on the same subject

I did a search to see how legit the author is, as it feels like a book that should have a Māori author. Seems the author has written similar books on Indian herbs and on Aphrodisiacs… Hmmm…
While there is a basic introduction & brief history of Māori traditions and cultural practices, nowhere is there a single Māori reference or name or source identified in the entire book, which seems very odd. I can’t help but wonder where all the medicinal advice came from?
It was published in 1979, 44 years ago… but still

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there,”
L.P. Hartley




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▶ Fungi: Web of Life Trailer – love the v/o





great explainer why log video matters with new iPhones









▶ Dear reputational damage
You have a new friend: Songtradr
Every member of Bandcamp union bargaining team was laid off in huge cuts at Oakland firm
plus this
Actions speak louder than words.



▶ re Bandcamp, there is one truth that will remain:
a void will not exist for long
something better will come into existence

▶ also incase you need it:
a Bandcamp batch downloader browser extension for Chrome: Batchcamp





▶ I’ve been with @mailchimp since 2010, but will be exiting their service due to this:

Update: I have exchanged a series of emails with them, and they have disabled those features for my account and removed that section from my Terms & Conditions. Surprised yes. But without someone making me aware I would have agreed to those T&C.



Nagra 4-L time varier schematic from Nagraaudio
byu/Hainbach inHainbach

▶ Nagra 4-L time varier schematic from Nagraaudio





▶ trigger warning for ‘autotune dog rabbithole’








Last time I was in Omarama I thought I would wing it & turned up to these hot pools without a booking only to be disappointed. So this time I booked a day ahead and spent a blissful 90 minutes, alternately soaking in the wood fired hot tub and then chilling out.
Highly recommended!!

Hot Tubs Omarama




Sandboxing for Audio

Reading this post by Eesm/Georgi I could not help but wince:
(I was also a fan of FXPANSION TREMOR)

I am half way down the same path,
my main studio Mac is approaching its EOL
& when I hear its fans roaring, I save often!

My old laptop had already became dysfunctional
and I held out & waited for an M2 laptop.
So I have suffered through the transition once already.
And as Georgi laments, some software does not come with us.

Before my last trip away I carefully transferred all my work in progress music,
mostly ableton LIVE sessions. But when I went to boot them up, elements did not work.
Turns out VST2 is not compatible with my M2 laptop & never will be.
So that stymied any plans to work on those tunes.
But it also made me realise, if I didn’t still have my old Mac system
which does still open the sessions, I would be royally screwed!

All of this makes me wonder, is sandboxing a solution?

Last year I was given/rescued some redundant pro audio gear
a Power PC, with PCI audio cards and ProTools interface
Thus far I have not had the free time or will to boot it up
but audio software from that generation began to spring to mind
eg Hyperprism or Turbosynth…

It’s such a strange quandry.
I have drum machines that are 30+ years old and still work perfectly.
But old apps? gone. Unless someone sandboxes them.

The day will come, likely within the next year, when my studio Mac needs an upgrade.
So when I buy a M2 desktop Mac, I will be very careful to keep my older studio Mac functional.
Because there is bound to be a bit of music or an idea that is otherwise no longer accessible.

So be warned:
when moving to a Silicon M1 or M2 Apple computer,
tracks in your old music sessions which use VST2 plugins will not be available to you.
Freeze/print them! Or suffer regretsy!



The other lesson is this:

Never leave an audio session dependent on plugins.





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ryoji ikeda interview



▶ The Tron Project: How Japan Almost Ruled IT



▶ future daw? yeah/nah



▶ 12 year old me would have loved one of these Zoom music things



▶ jeepers.
Having extracted most of the income out of the music industry leaving actual musicians chasing pennies, Spotify now has authors in its sights
There is only one way I know of, to protect yourself from this kind of exploitation:
Never sell your rights.



thread via Twitter
Does anyone still think it was a good idea for the Bandcamp owners to get their $$ exit?
All in the name of progress… what next? fckng Spotify buy it & dissolve all of its value?



▶ Faircamp – a self hosted option?



▶ Six months ago NPR left Twitter. Effects have been negligible



▶ yay for hippy nostalgia



“When you understand every opinion is a vision loaded with personal history,
you will start to understand that all judgment is a confession”

Nikola Tesla

(I’m saving this quote for the next time someone shares a toxic opinion)



▶ “A knife with good kireaji will both react and reply when you pass it over a whetstone. Such knives are made to be sharpened, to be modified by their users…” – Forming an edge + microscope photos of said edge via MF









What genre of music uses such a controller? Wrong answers only