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▶ John Berger – Ways of Seeing 1972 on Youtube

▶ John Bridle – New Ways of Seeing 2020 BBC
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▶ Another rare studio/synth/GAS auction has just started at SphereMusic



▶ From studios to sound systems: Inside Jamaica’s reggae scene during ’75-’76



“I tend to consider the first 3-5 years of using a particular tool as working to get past the obvious.”

Quoting mmml from this eurorack-vs-buchla-vs-serge thread at llllines forum



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▶ The dangers of conflating the online world with reality



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Mailboat Trip



Great to see some of the scans from film I shot when i went on the Mailboat Trip, leaving from Havelock.




I was amazed to how close to the shore we stuck, as we headed out… Must be deep water!



Mussel Farm – Graphic Score prototype?







This house is on Forsynth Island, right out by the heads…
The cottages on the right can be rented… noted for next time


The most amazing part of the trip for me was near here… It was quite windy out here and after dropping off mail & goods to
the house above, we headed further into what looked like a huge empty bay… And the wind was blowing a gale out here!! I wasn’t quite sure why we were heading into here, but only as got right in close a hidden bay was revealed, with a brilliant ramshackle house with a jetty where a couple of fishing boats were tied up. The house and jetty etc was totally invisible until we close to it, and behind an outcrop it was quite sheltered. But on the rocky beaches surrounding the area were a whole bunch of ship wrecks! I had read of a company back in the 1900s that operated in this area, and would buy old ships and take them off somewhere to scavange them… And this was the place! I shot a bunch of XPAN & will post it…







Some archival photos of the ‘ship breaking’ yard at Whakatahuri here




CNC Router Frequencies



When I was in Oamaru at Parkside Quarry, I had no idea they also owned the largest CNC Router in the country – an Italian made CMM Zeda machine… So of course I recorded it, and one sound caught my ear at the time: when it powered down, most of the whines and harmonics decreased in frequency, but towards the end there was a set of frequencies that went up!
So while doing an RX pass it was very interesting to see the spectrum.

This is the GMM ZEDA 1600 CN2 5 axis CNC Router & Shaper:




Spectrum when switching on:



Spectrum when switching off:





Election stats



Like most of the country I was glued to the TV & internet on Saturday night as the election results started to come in… Results were slower than I thought, given there was a huge amount of early voting…

But then I saw this tweet:


The embargo only lifted at 7pm, could someone really predict the outcome 20minutes in and with only 3% of the vote? I had thought I’d be staying up until the last voting result came in, but by an hour later the prediction was still holding:



GE2020 Official Results





Oamaru architecture








Due to easy access to limestone a lot of buildings in Oamaru and surrounding area look amazing due to their construction. Even out in the countryside I would come across eg a small rural community hall that was as grandoise…

Photos above are Fujifilm 35mm Natura Black 24mm/F1.9 lens with Fujifilm Natura 1600
Photo below is from my iPhone, must be the flashest bank in NZ!!



The area is also famous as home to Blue Penguins with a special touristy viewing area… But this bit of branding on the main street of Oamaru made me LOL





GH2 Spring




GH2 = 4 mandarin, 2 yuzu, 2 lime, 2 olive, 2 tamarillo, 1 passionfruit, 2 cucumber,
4 strawberry, 1 lavendar, 1 dwarf peach, 1 elderberry, 1 fig, 1 locquat, 2 banana, LOTs of lettuce
plus lots of seedlings; shiso, mizuna, lettuce, radish etc



(i dug this plot over during winter, added fertliser and a month or so ago I decided to grow rhubarb. I bought four rhubarb plants, small but all looked sturdy. Planted them all, top right plant just took off & is growing like crazy, bottom right slower to start but also doing very well, top left is dead, bottom left is stunted & very slow growing. Moral of the story? Plant multiple seedlings/ideas so the ones with strong genetics and roots reveal themselves… but don’t give up on the slow developers!)




(peas, beetroot, silver beet… I used to think peas were a summer crop – plant them in spring & eat them in summer… but I’d buy six or ten seedlings and get barely enough peas to eat – most got eaten raw in the garden. So this year I bought seed and planted lots in the greenhouse during winter, and eventually maybe 50 or 60 seedlings out into this garden, result: LOTS of delicious super crunchy fresh peas!)



GH1 = 22 tomato plants on the left, with basil and marigolds… will become a forest in next 2 months!
2 blueberry, 1 dwarf bamboo & cactii etc on right


temperature in greenhouse is about 10 degrees C warmer than outside…
so a crappy grey Friday Ext = 12deg C, interior = 25deg C