A few weeks ago I went on a little road trip down South, partly to see the parents & partly to pick up my 4WD which had some essential work done… While staying with my Dad we also did a trip down to Wanaka to pick up his new car:

Its a 1927 Chev Roadster in mint condition, and my Dad is only the fourth owner since new. We transported it home on a trailer, and had a strange coincidence. We stopped for lunch at a cafe in Tarras, which is a fairly remote location. We hadn’t been there long and a man came wandering in talking on his phone, and he sat not far from us. Turns out he was talking to the previous owner of the Chev & asked if he’d sold it. I made eye contact & pointed at my Dad, so he came & joined us for lunch… Turned out he knew the entire history of the Chev, as had sourced it for the previous owner! What a small world…

The Chev has such a cute exhaust note, of the ‘putt putt’ variety. So next time I am down South I’ll take all my mics and record it, maybe to re-appear in future as an EV sound set!

We carried on our way home, but a few days later I started feeling strange & sure enough:

After being so careful for 2+ years avoiding it, the first time I go anywhere I catch covid! I hadn’t been to a bar or cafe in 2 years, but as we were travelling we had no other choice. And mask mandates have been dropped in NZ, and almost overnight it went from 80% masked to less than 10%.

So I isolated at my Dads for 7 days. Thankfully he didn’t catch it – he has had it before & also recently had his second booster, so it was great verification immunity works as he was definitely exposed to it… And after ten days I headed home to Plimmerton.

My only remaining symptoms are a bit of a cough, a bit of brain fog and I have to avoid much exertion as I sure don’t want long covid…

I think the NZ Health system really missed an opportunity when removing mask mandates, to drive home the fact that masks are very useful ongoing. It’s an admirable aspect of Japanese society that they care about their fellow citizens enough to wear a mask any time they feel unwell, regardless of whether its covid, a cold, flu or anything at all. Such a small thing to ask, and yet it seems entirely beyond the empathy of many. You can lead a horse to water etc etc
Such is life.



the jam

I’ve been watching the lol new series CUNK ON EARTH and so far every episode finds a way to reference the classic/retro house track PUMP UP THE JAM… which inevitably makes me think of this great cover by Damien Robitaille

And shock horror: a YT comment worth reading!

Its kind of fun to check Youtube and see how he approaches many classics as a one man band…

Damien Robitaille performs SEVEN NATION ARMY by The White Stripes

Damien Robitaille performs SABOTAGE by Beastie Boy



Detritus 659



▶ The Harry Partch Instrumentarium



▶ The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance



“Samplebrain chops samples up into a ‘brain’ of interconnected small sections called blocks which are connected into a network by similarity. It processes a target sample, chopping it up into blocks in the same way, and tries to match each block with one in it’s brain to play in realtime. This allows you to interpret a sound with a different one.



▶ Inspiring work: British Photography Awards shortlist



▶ How to survive a lightning strike which led me learn what Lichtenberg figures are…

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has made some amazing photos using a similar process



▶ a great read: Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It.








nuzic 206



▶ Uncle Brian – We Let It In



▶ Little Dragon – ‘Stay (feat. JID)’



▶ RIP Pharoah Sanders

I’ve always struggled a little with free jazz, but this track hooked me as a fan for life from the moment that bassline starts and underpins everything that follows. Soon as I get home to my studio speakers I will be cranking these albums & raising a glass… Rest in Power!





Fave Sonic Prop Store

At last got to revisit my favourite prop/junk store! I pretty much filled the boot of my Dads car with sonic props (more on that once I record them) but these are some oddities I was tempted but didn’t buy…

Other than some kind of political metaphor, WTF is this double stool for?

update: OMG?

Not sure what kind of magic this robot is capable of, but from the psycho looks on those kids faces you have to wonder…

I own a few valve modules, but I don’t have enough knowledge to know if anything in this shopping trolley would be applicable to audio…

Tempted, but… absolutely no one needs to see some middle aged dude riding around on a mini fake V Twin!

In her youth my Mum worked in the phone exchange in the small rural town of Pukerau, Southland. So I like to think I am channelling some of that experience when I’m patching my modular synth…

A new old car!

Took my 92 year old Dad down to Wanaka yesterday, to pick up the “new” car he has bought!

It’s a mint Chev 1927 Roadster, which makes it 95 years old! And my Dad is only the 4th owner!

It’s got a gorgeous cute ‘putt putt’ exhaust note, so next time I am down to visit I’ll bring the appropriate mics and record it.
Would be so cool to build an EV sound set from it!