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▶ The Art of the Sound Physiker – A Conversation about Harald Bode
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▶ “Build your own channels” is exactly right!
Its worth reading the thread this comment refers to… FCUK Spotify!



▶ Useful writing advice “Just because it happened to you doesn’t make it interesting.” I often repeat this line to students. From a writer who writes a lot of thinly veiled fiction based on her real life, this piece of advice is key for anyone writing nonfiction to understand. The personal is only interesting if it reaches into the universal.



▶ #nocontext



▶ Very useful resources by Zach Poff, if considering a hydrophone purchase:

choosing a hydrophone for field recording

hydrophone review: ambient asf1 asf2 aquarian jrf

hydrophone review: benthowave bii 7121 vs aquarian h2a



▶ Fascinating history of percussion company: J. C. Deagan, Inc., est. 1897




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Kongzhu #4



As mentioned previously, I am learning to play Kongzhu and yesterday my fourth Kongzhu arrived – the biggest yet!!


This one is larger and more complex than my previous three. It has a lot more vents/Helmholtz resonators and it also has bearings which makes playing it a little easier… but much practice required…




vid is cued to shot the parts of one being built



#ref Trombone

Q: what’s your favourite Trombone solo or piece of music?
I am collecting references for a project, asked on Twitter & got these great responses – thanks to each!

Any genre, including this one:

Studio One Rockers – Sound Dimension – Real Rock

JJ Johnson-“Coffee Pot”

Dave Holland – Prime Directive

Fred Wesley & The JB’s Blow Your Head

Horace Andy – Dub Guidance





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▶ SAULT – Bitter Streets



▶ Frank Ocean – Pink & White
6/8 is a vibe



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Lake Heron



(Not Lake Heron)
Lake Clearwater in the centre & right, Lake Camp on the left
Canterbury #nz
Thanks to MidCanterbury Aero Club for an awesome trip!
Canon 5D3 with EF100-400L lens

I had some brief cognitive dissonance thinking this was Lake Tekapo, but when zoomed in couldn’t see Mt John observatory… Then realised it was Lake Heron, which funnily enough me & my Dad drove right into & out the back of the is photo on Saturday! A long lens from the air really compresses the landscape in interesting ways….





A Testament


A testament to the profound beauty of Te Waipounamu, the South Island of New Zealand, Aotearoa #nz


I broke my own record: two week road trip = 18 rolls of film!

The colour rolls with escalating iso were a direct result of the flight! As the light faded I needed to still keep my shutter speed fast to hopefully avoid blurr…







My first time shooting photos on a scenic flight! For my Dads 91st birthday he was keen to do a scenic flight from Ashburton Aero Club, so we worked out a route and booked in, with the flexibility of me staying for a week so we could hold out for ideal weather… And yesterday was a pearler! This is the plane we flew in:


After a bit of research & discussion I decided to sit in the back as cabin space is tight and I had four cameras with me, and had read that by sitting in back you can easily switch sides… We all had headphones & mic for intercom, so was easy to communicate and funnily enough our pilot also shoots film… This was the plan I worked out with my Dad – I wasn’t sure if we would have time to fly right around Banks Peninsula (the dotted line) but we did!


Coming back from Banks Peninsula the light was reflecting off the Rakaia River, which I think is the largest braided river in the South Island.

We flew along the alps, and did a few 360s over Mt Somers where my Dad grew up on a farm and then over to Lake Tekapo and climbed up towards Mt Cook… So far we had no turbulence at all, and the pilot said we would try to circle Mt Cook depending on wind… It was absolutely epic to be at this altitude, in such crystal clear air!

We started to get some turbulence once we are up beside Mt Cook, so turned & slowly descended back towards Canterbury Plains… And then headed down the Ashburton River, checking out the recent flood damage before landing back at Ashburton Aero Club.

It was a fantastic trip, and was really encouraging – I shot 4 rolls of film with my XPAN, 900+ photos with my 5D and 100-400L lens.. Will post more once I am home…

Mid Canterbury Aero Club at instagram