Detritus 691



▶ lol



▶ very clever, it just needs some tiny coconut shells for hoof sounds
by RossMcSweeney – plans available on Etsy



▶ random #nz food tweet: shout out to Paekakariki based, Apostle hot sauce



▶ “It was first described to me by a friend who works in the industry as autocomplete on crack



▶ Love this! A stuffed ox, dummy tree and fake sheep – all used to help photographers get closer to their subject – He got his shots at a cost of “three hours of cramped misery”

“Among the useful tactics borrowed from warfare was the feigned retreat. The Keartons had learned that if the bird saw the photographer enter his hide and not emerge, she would remain alarmed. To deceive the bird into the placidity only exhibited in human absence, an assistant would accompany the photographer to the hide, “tuck him in” and ostentatiously walk away, taking with him the taint of humankind”



▶ it’s funny the things in tech that you don’t know about until they go wrong eg Caret Browsing – no, nothing to do with carrots. I suddenly noticed I could not scroll up/down on a web page in Chrome using the up/down arrows… Somehow I had enabled a ‘feature’ I have no use for: Caret Browsing



▶ Steve Barker selects tracks from dub techno vocalist Paulk St Hiliare’s back catalogue of collaborations and solo releases



▶ from Wait But Why



    ▶ PSA: watch your monitor level before playing this insane video:

▶ bonkers Indian bass battles – at 2’09” the phone mic just gives up!

me: craves some dub reggae on a big sound system!



▶ see PDF





▶ love the Space Echo floating in plexi glass







nuzic 221



▶ Rrose – Squared [EAUX1591]



▶ Tolerance – Pulse Static (Tranqillia) – 1981






▶ Arovane – No. 8 AMX





Detritus 690





▶ lol
so good!



▶ As a new student of dark room printing, I LOVE seeing these marked up prints



▶ “what you find is those who study music and have all the accolades that would be respected by the highest level of musicians, they cannot make the simple beats. It doesn’t sound the right way. It doesn’t have the groove. It doesn’t have the right feel. There are things that you cannot write out because it keeps changing (laughs)” – guess the artist?



▶ excerpt from Andy Akiho’s Ping Pong Concerto – full concert vid is here



▶ Pluralistic: The AI hype bubble is the new crypto hype bubble





▶ The Samples of LTJ Bukem – vid is cued for Horizons







▶ new meme format!





Detritus 689



▶ continuous microtonal glissando for 8 oscillators, via Pure Data



▶ rhythm becomes tone



▶ RIP Wayne Shorter
An Open Letter To The Next Generation Of Artists – by Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter



▶ incredible bonsai by Daisuke Nakajima + insta



▶ wow this is crazy. Someone with an apartment installed a “noisemaker revenge machine” or ceiling thumper, and practically drove 25 other tenants insane!! There’s a photo in this article



▶ Neighborhood stray cat observation program



Wonkybox #2 seems great!





nuzic 220



▶ Ital Tek – Timeproof



▶ SOPHIE – Is It Cold In The Water? (Flume & Eprom Remix)



▶ Om Unit – Atlantis



▶ Pugilist – Micro Dose



▶ Mutul – Alba






Got 2 rolls of film back from the lab, and its always exciting to see how shots turned out. Very happy with this one, straight scan with no post processing!

Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Acros100 and Lee Big Stopper
Stopped down to 1/15 + ND10 = 60second exposure
With Fuji Acros there is no reciprocity compensation at 60 seconds
(but eg a 120 exposures > 180 with reciprocity)




Acid Food

This weeks mission: build lots of acidic soil!

For these:

12 x Blueberry Plants with 5 varieties

We’re due some rain, so figured I’d blend it all now so the rain can help…

This is the ‘before’ photo:



nuzic 219



▶ Cécile McLorin Salvant – Wuthering Heights (Kassa Overall Remix)



▶ Promises, Movement 1 (Floating Points/Pharoah Sanders) – remix by Kassa Overall



▶ Dinah Washington / Max Richter – This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight






Whitakers are a local chocolate manufacturer, and if you get the chance I highly recommend their Nelson Pear & Manuka Honey chocolate…. A local plant store sells their cocoa husks as mulch, so I got three bags today to put around my fruit trees. My car now reeks of chocolate! Not a bad problem to have….

re Whitakers recycling



Detritus 687





▶ Disaster response megathread: From the perspective of a rural engineer



thoughtful writing on 4’33”



▶ McSweenys is an excellent endless source of wry, comedic observations – via web & twitter eg lol



▶ Enjoying new podcast eps from Drowned in Sound – music x process



▶ Someone shared this photo on FB vege group, apparently the pattern is caused by Watermelon mosaic virus… But it reminded me of a Len Lye short film, Tusalava (1929)










▶ no context






Went out to a favourite shoot location: Wainui South Coast – here on google maps
My cunning plan was to reshoot a previous xpan longexposure, this one:

I love the sinusoidal flow thats revealed in the stream on the left, from shooting this as a long exposure so I decided I wanted to reshoot it from a much lower angle. So that the foreground consumes the frame. On the edge of the stream, at ground level.

Shooting long exposure means the camera has to be stable. I have a cinebag that I use with my DSLR sometimes shooting video – its like a mini bean bag/sand bag, and it works well for quick temporary setups. But I kept thinking about stable low angle setups & eventually found this Edelkrone rig:

I’m using two Edelkrone products:

the legs are “edelkrone StandONE All-Terrain Foldable Camera Stand”
via bhphoto when I was ordering a few bricks of tmax100

And the head is a FlexTILT Standard

Some xpan previz shots using Camera1 app in 235 mode:

I will share the results when back from the lab…

But the strange thing was that the shot I imagined was gone! Weirdly, the stream that flowed directly South out into the sea, now snaked its way West before eventually meeting the sea. Quite strange, there’s now a quite large lagoon where the stream used to be…. It will take a winter storm to flood the creek & move the mouth back…