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Dumb Type 2020



▶ How brilliant is this: GUERILLA GRAFTERS sneak out in the middle of the night and graft fruit-bearing limbs onto sterile urban trees!



▶ Also directly related, if you suffer from hay fever and live in a city, you may have those same city planners to curse!



▶ ho ho ho: sample instrument library idea generator




▶ wow: near real-time satellite images


(I haven’t seen Tenet yet, but this old philosophical chestnut arises again)


Does the director always know best? (the sound mix)


▶ And another article about Tenet sound mix


▶ Directly related, a musician lashed out with this:

They went on to suggest that music mixers could solve all such problems… LOL



▶ lol who made this?





First road trip of 2020!





I’m heading off on a road trip down South – catching ferry & then spending first 3 days in Marlborough Sounds. On a previous trip I explored Kenepuru Sound, so this time I am exploring Pelorus Sound. I plan to do the drive right out to French Pass, but on Friday am going to go on the mail boat which depending on the day of the week does a run delivering mail & goods to the remote houses scattered throughout the sounds… On Fridays they do the outer trip – the bold red in this map:



Fingers crossed the weather plays ball – it is incredible landscape, with the “almost fractal coastline has 1/10 of the length of New Zealand’s coasts” – much film will be shot! Will then head further South to see the parents, then three days in Oamaru returning via Mt Cook & Tekapo (hoping for snow, and plan to visit the recent scrub fire near Mt Cook)

I can still remember the feeling of venturing out for the first time during lockdown, to visit the supermarket. Strange how something so familiar as a supermarket trip or a road trip can feel so precious. Have to be constantly aware that COVID is a present danger and we are years away from referring to it in the past tense. I consider my road trip as extreme social distancing!

Three of my favourite things to do:
Recording sound for a few libraries, shooting film and exploring landscapes!


This is a photo from a previous trip to Pelorus Sound:



































Had a few hours to kill in Wellington yesterday (while my car got its wheels aligned & balanced) so I went for a walk, shot some film and shot some stickers on my iPhone…




Tiny House




I went for a drive over the Akatawarera Road today, leaving Waikanae the road winds up through dense bush and over the Akatawarera mountain range. Up near the summit I noticed this tiny house stuck way out in a paddock!
Photo above is zoomed on my iPhone, below is non-zoomed:



The only gate nearby was this one:


When I got home I did a property search on 410 Akatarawa Road, Reikorangi, Waikanae, 5391 – one bedroom, one bathroom, two car parks lol…

Interesting the last time the property was sold was for $0 in 2014. Wonder if Avenal McKinnon owns it?

Ultimate writing room?







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