Detritus 570



▶ North Island Kokako pair duetting



▶ David Bowie as spiders



▶ Most annoying sound?



▶ What a hideous human experiment Spotify is. As if conspiring with the big labels to reduce royalties to an unsustainable level AND distributing them inequitably wasn’t bad enough, now they want to listen to you and gauge your “emotional state, gender, age, or accent,” in order to recommend new music!?
It amazes me what people will allow, simply for the sake of what exactly? Convenience? To avoid thinking? It feels to me like these big tech social experiments will eventually end up like cigarettes, where they have to display a (mental) health warning on the cover before you opt in to use them.



▶ I think Hiroshi Sugimoto was the first long exposure film photographer i ever became aware of, via my first trip to Japan and a visit to Naoshima.



▶ This is so beautiful – a monarch butterfly swarm filmed by a disguised drone…
But put a horror score & sound design to it, and watch those lovely images make your skin crawl!





nuzic 154



▶ new On U sound release!



▶ B’Zircon – Azure x Ultramarine (Perko Remix) via Stinky Grooves



▶ The Cinematic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall
PSA: Sat 29th/30th January depending on your timezone
More info & buy tickets here

In their debut streamed event and first performance at the Southbank Centre, the band plays tracks from latest album To Believe as well as their hits.

To celebrate this performance, The Cinematic Orchestra is giving every ticket holder free, exclusive access to four brand new, unreleased tracks. All ticket holders will be emailed a link after the show to receive their download.
The film is directed by Leander Ward.
Ward co-directed, produced and filmed the award-winning The Crimson Wing – Mystery of the Flamingos, the first film in the Disneynature series, with a soundtrack composed by the Cinematic Orchestra.
This event was filmed in the Royal Festival Hall in November 2020 exclusively for the Southbank Centre. Join the global streaming event on Friday 29 January 2021.





Days of Reckoning



Silence is violence?

After the mass shooting in Christchurch last year I saw a photo of a Muslim woman holding a sign. It had three words on it: SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. I keep thinking about those three words, I like to think silence is a dear friend of mine so it created cognitive dissonance to see these words together. Silence is Violence.

As revolting and disturbing as it is to read of exploitation in creative industries, as a cis white pakeha male it is easy to be naive: “I don’t see sexism, racism etc…” But whether you see it or not, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Silence is violence, as it is only silence that allows such behaviour to perpetuate. When people say they ‘don’t like sexual politics’ or ‘political art’ or similar, what they are actually saying is they are happy with the status quo. But the day of reckoning has arrived for the status quo.

Example 1: ‘World’s most beautiful toxic waste dump’ – Weta Digital employees claim sexism, bullying and harassment

Example 2: Wellington musicians say they’ve had to call out sexual harassment from the stage

Example 3: Police urge people to contact them after sexual assault allegations surface against Wellington musicians

Example 4: The NZ music industry’s #MeToo reckoning

Example 5: Music industry professionals demand change after speaking out about its dark side

Example 6,7,8,9, etc…
Google has an endless supply of such reported toxic behaviour



Silence is violence!

How do people who commit such inhuman crimes live with themselves? Do they not have mothers, sisters, daughters, friends? Do they not have empathy? Such people men know what they do is inherently toxic and exploitative. How do they live with themselves? They abuse and exploit trust. But the biggest lies they tell are to themselves and their pathetic self indulgent egos.

They are a metastatic cancer on the most vulnerable, and it is time they got a serious dose of exposure, so they can feel the shame of their actions. And every man can see that such behaviour is unacceptable.

But exposure is not enough. They must pay a greater price. An audit of behaviour and visits to a psychiatrist are not enough. If a doctor sexually abuses a patient, they are struck off and can no longer practice medicine. The same must apply in the creative industries. They must forfeit their careers.

Men: if you cannot control yourself, put your ego aside and get help. If your addictions are the cause of your toxic behaviour then know this: they are not. They are a symptom, they are not the cause. Get help because you are accountable for your behaviour, and your day of reckoning is coming.

My heart aches for every person who has suffered from such appalling manipulation, and can only imagine the psychological toll it takes when your career depends on any kind of relationship with such people, business and/or personally. Kia kaha to the brave women who have stepped forward to bring these exploitative cowards into the light.


Silence is violence!!!




Detritus 569



▶ Best one yet?



▶ If you enjoy karesansui, check this insta account by artist Yuki Kawae



▶ “There are some things that when you listen to them again and again begin to irritate you, but when you get to the point that nothing irritates you, then it’s done.” – guess the artist?



▶ BBC: Caroline Catz on Delia Derbyshire



▶ Sample Snitching: How online fan chatter can create legal trouble for producers



▶ I ordered the BluRay of the Koudelka – Shooting Holy Land documentary partly as it contains extras including an interview and Q&A with him… During the Q&A someone asks the question, whether success is important to him, and what success looks like:

“To answer this question, as far as photography is concerned, it is a great success for me to do two or three good photographs a year….. And another success is that, when I wake up in the morning, nothing hurts, I can go outside, I feel good and I can photograph.”

A follow up question led to one of the most insightful commentaries on the current state of photography, and his own modus operandi. Beautifully philosophical, but grounded in hard won experience.



▶ At some point in the distant future, when international travel is safe, my next trip to Japan is going to include a visit here – fantastic work by architect Junya Ishigami



▶ love the shockwave that travels across the chain after impact
also: mute the ridiculous music – its a bicycle, not the end of the world!?!





nuzic 153



▶ Murcof – Underwater Lament from new album, The Alias Sessions due on 9th April 2021



▶ Kutiman – Wachaga In Dub



▶ big nostalgia hit for the bass/vocal sample!



▶ Stazma – Shapeshifter





How strong?




Came across this in my travels today – it looked like a set-up for a cartoon robbery or something! I jumped out and tried to drag it off the road but could barely move it… No tow rope or chainsaw with me, so I just had to drive around it…

Note to self: buy a tow rope, and/or recovery strap! Interesting to read some 4WD recovery kits come with a tree trunk protector… Safe recoveries!


For a bit of perspective of where it came from, here is a wider shot: