Detritus 564





▶ A Guide to the Doctor Who Theme Music



▶ lol Bernie as an ‘Anarchist Grandpa”
One of many v.funny zingers in Charlie Brookers ‘Death to 2020’ on Netflix



▶ great year end music selection at aesthetic complexity



▶ Ethical quandry gingerbread man



▶ mmmm we love Room Tone



▶ strange insta account worth a follow: thundergirl_xtal



▶ A camera made of cheese?



▶ great read: Following Colin McCahon



▶ reminds me cable routing in Japan train stations, via @circuitmix



▶ can the idea of influencers also be a casualty of 2020?



▶ NY Times: 2020 in Photos – overwhelming, what a year!?!



▶ Google Trends ‘Year in Search’ 2020 Visualized



▶ a perfect project for 2020








Random visit to Scorpio Books the other day and this beauty was sitting there, waiting for me:
Josef Koudelka: Ruins and wow!! what a magnificent tome!



“Between 1991 and 2015, Josef Koudelka completed an epic journey across twenty countries bordering the Mediterranean, stopping at over 200 Greek and Roman archaeological sites, relentlessly researching the beauty of the ancient world.

Before the Magnum photographer, nobody had attempted to make such a comprehensive photographic record of these artefacts with so much persistence and so little assistance. Koudelka’s aim was to use art to re-appropriate a world that is escaping us and that we could lose – a world where the mind alternates between reason and faith, law and liberty.”






Kudos to whoever does book ordering for the photography section at Scorpio Books – every visit I find an inspiring book that I have not seen anywhere else… And a book as weighty RUINS would cost a lot to freight all the way to NZ….

So inspiring to see the panoramic film photos of Josef Koudelka, and while the 368 page book itself is almost overwhelming, it is also deeply inspiring to appreciate it’s layout and design…











I was editing a bunch of XPAN shots in Photoshop, and while attempting to get some sort of overview of all the photos I accidentally displayed them in this useless but intriguing view… So odd that Photoshop can’t display them in a more useful arrangement, but I guess it is simply the wrong tool for this use…
I am sure if I asked Adobe they would answer: “Use BRIDGE!”