A day well spent…






First time I’ve travelled further than local supermarket etc in 2+ months… Had to wait for reliable weather but was a gorgeous day to spend in the Wairarapa…
15ND Lee Filter will sort out those waves in the second photo, but I had to use mind control to make the birds sit still & stay in focus for 4+ minutes…




Detritus 537



▶ wow!



▶ I could happily live here for a few days at least!



▶ a beautiful read: The Aromas of Trees



▶ cringe at this twitter account: Influencers in the wild
or if you prefer on instagram: Influencers in the wild



▶ In this sound experiment Giorgiosan Cristoforo modelled an acoustic resonator based on the nuclear fuel rods of the ESSOR nuclear research reactor of the JRC-Ispra. The resonator is stimulated by water sounds creating the effect of a Suikinkutsu (水琴窟)





Slug Patrol



This very, very, very likely is not why you read this blog – there is no music or sound or visual aspect… But if you grow your own food, then one thing that may or may not drive you a little crazy is… goddamn snails & slugs beating you to the best food! Grrrrrrr!

Last Spring I thought I would be clever and start all my veges from seed… Previously I had bought punnets of seedlings from our local plant store, as it made it easy & reliable as you could choose good healthy looking seedlings and it was like getting a jump start on the new season. But last year in very early Spring I planted my seeds & they would sprout, get going a little bit & then just… disappear! So despite my best attempts I ended up buying established seedlings again.

But I slowly realised what the actual problem was: slugs & snails were sneaking in at night & eating all of the sprouts! At first I was a little squeamish & would just scoop up any slugs or snails I found with a trowell & launch them into the bush reserve at high velocity…

During COVID19 lockdown one of the projects I got-around-to finishing was greenhouse #2 – this greenhouse is a bit bigger, and is also closer to the house so one of my aims is to grow all the vegetables I eat often in there, so I don’t have to traipse down to the other end of the garden at dinner time… So for example currently I have about 50 lettuce plants growing in there, along with tomatoes, a tamarillo tree, two olive trees, four Satsuma mandarin trees, a lime plant etc etc… And guess what? Every night I go out to check and I will find 10-20 slugs and snails sliming their way around my precious veges, happily munching away… until I detect them & CRUSH THEM! Lets just say I have grown to like the sound of them being crushed underfoot…

While I’d like to think I am eradicating them & surely their numbers must drop if I am crushing all the mummies & daddies, I am yet to see evidence of that… They keep on coming! So I started thinking about other means of stopping them. I had heard people say crushed up egg shells can stop them, and I know some people use chemicals (eg derris dust) but the whole point of having a garden to me is to avoid all the crap that commercial supermarket vegetables get sprayed with… So I started to wonder if maybe I could electrocute the little fckrs! Next stop Youtube!


Comparing slug control methods: Coffee, Eggshells, Paprika, Diatomaceous earth
Shortcut: ALL FAILED!



Comparing slug control methods: Copper foil, Aluminum foil, Wire brush, Copper foil with 9volts!
Shortcut: ALL FAILED except the 9 volt electric fence!



How to DIY an electric fence for an entire garden, with successful test examples!





303 commitment




It’s like a primary school taunt:
“If you love your 303 so much why don’t you marry it!”


Or the bar fight version, when you wake up with an indent in your face:
“Did you get smacked in the head last night… by a 303??”



I’d be more keen if it had wireless control of a squelchy filter…
that was applicable to *every* audio source within earshot!




Detritus 536



▶ heh heh…. dagnammit!



▶ Can you guess what this is? Answer below.



▶ Love it: The Aging Beauty Of Soviet Control Rooms



▶ My favourite filter plugin just got an update: Cytomic – The Drop
(plus a beta of a newly modelled Tube Screamer!)



▶ love Valhalla



▶ Björk’s Home Studio circa 1994 (thanks Callum)



▶ This is a prototype of the Yamaha Tenori-On!


If you happen to own one, then the link below is invaluable
Thanks ersatzplanet via Tenori On forum at MW

“Here is a link to my Tenori-On folder with all the software, Firmware Updates, Owners manual, Service manual, MIDI cable Pinouts, and over 500 samples that I have gleaned off the net over the years – ENJOY!”