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▶ Nils Frahm demoes palm mute pedal



▶ I’ve been listening to Sound Characters by Maryanne Amacher and reading about her work via Monoskop. Ordered a copy of this book: Selected Writings and Interviews – Maryanne Amacher



▶ What are mushrooms discussing exactly?



▶ “I don’t think life is real unless some things are just for you. Things that should not or cannot be shared. I think the younger generation is going to have a hard time distinguishing whether something is for them or for others, and I think it could play out as a diminished sense of self. You really have to know what you would do if no else was watching.” – guess the artist?



▶ Did a 1912 NZ Newspaper Article Predict Global Warming? Snopes: YES!



cats being weird little guys



▶ A signed, hand drawn cartoon by Moose



▶ Why Russia is losing this war? fascinating analysis of dreadful conflict



▶ imagine if this was a new COVID variant: The Dancing Plague of 1518



▶ “His hearing became fantastically acute, allowing him to distinguish every sound in the room and seemingly from far beyond: a vast and distant hum, perhaps the vibration of the universe itself….. sounds were amplified into a cacophony that echoed through infinite space…” – guess how?
“Some subjects produced answers that were oblique but highly imaginative: one of the clinic patients answered ‘how do you feel?’ with ‘I feel like the sound of a harp’. Musical analogies emerged repeatedly, attempting to catch the aural effect of ringing harmonics that often accompanies the rush. Beddoes, emerging from a deep immersion, once shouted out the single word ‘Tones!’”



first gen drone: “Since 1903 Neubronner had been using pigeons to exchange prescriptions and urgent medications with a sanatorium a few miles from his home in Kronberg near Frankfurt. A pigeon lost during one of these flights had delighted Neubronner by returning to its dovecote four weeks later, safe and sound. The episode gave Neubronner the idea of creating lightweight, wearable cameras to record his couriers’ flights. He built several models which included a pneumatic timing mechanism to activate the shutter at set intervals, leather harness, and aluminium breastplate. Neubronner would take the pigeons up to 60 miles away before releasing them, knowing that they would want to take the most direct route home to unburden themselves. To increase the mobility of his fleet, he also built a horse-drawn dovecote with an attached darkroom.”



▶ Twitter advanced search








Detritus 636





▶ “We can even go back to (synth pioneer) Don Lewis. It’s because of him that we even have a programmable Acetone Rhythm Ace. Don Lewis had taken a Rhythm Ace and hacked it so he could program it himself ’cause he was an engineer. And (Roland founder) Ikutaro Kakehashi heard him at NAMM [in 1969] and he was like, “This is my drum machine. How did you do this?” and then the rest is history.
King Britt on the Gear of Blacktronika History



▶ Horrible edge cases to consider when dealing with music



▶ Mars has two speeds of sound



▶ An Interview with Meng Qi (Wingie2 on backorder!)



▶ all violence should be replaced with free jazz!



▶ juvenile but funny





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▶ Do you know that saying “I felt someone walk on my grave?”

Welcome to The Onion version



▶ wow -such fantastic work by Felix Blume
(I love the photo with the mic suspended by heluium!)



▶ “It’s weird to play one thing, then hear echoes of something else”



Who we spend our time with changes a lot over the course of life…
That graph reveals something crucial about work:
You spend as much time with your co-workers as you do with your partner.



▶ I never knew there was a podcast dedicated to Buchla!



▶ Dyson Zone™ Air-Purifying Headphones”
aka. the Snot Cannon
aka. the Wearable SuperSpreader Event

Apparently a very bad idea:
here is why



▶ Song Exploder Ep 229:





▶ Great read about Watermelon Man (love the Pygmy connection)



▶ drumoff!





Celebrating the quiet!

At long last Wellington has its new motorway, Transmission Gully, which provides a far more efficient and reliable route for traffic leaving Wellington and heading North. I just did a loop from Porirua > Transmission Gully > Kapiti and home to Plimmerton the old way, and the new motorway was busy and seemed to be functioning ok, without many stones flying…

And while Transmission Gully is fantastic, that’s not why I am celebrating…

The old route, marked in green, passed near my neighbourhood. There is a set of hills and a reasonable distance between my house & the highway, but if the wind was from the North East sometimes I could hear the traffic. But on a still night, my place is very, very quiet.

But even just today, not in rush hour, my local area feels so much quieter, with more than 90% of traffic now using Transmission Gully! Mostly it is just locals on the roads over this way from now on, and OMG the drop in ambient noise is a gift to every recording I do, in my backyard or in my house/studio. It’s like spending $100k on isolation.

Another bonus: one of favourite coastal roads, the spectacular route from Paekakariki to Pukerua Bay, is even more beautiful for the lack of traffic… The road was deserted on my return trip home, almost as quiet as the first covid lockdown.

Tonight I shall take a bath under the stars, and listen to the absence of traffic noise!




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Laws of the Internet
eg Cunningham’s Law – “The best way to get a correct answer to a posed question is to post the wrong answer and wait for someone to correct you.”



▶ Why The Andy Warhol Diaries Recreated the Artist’s Voice With AI



▶ Just a heads up for anyone interested:
Audio Merge in Barcelona make a clone of King Tubbys infamous Altec9069B filter and they just opened pre-orders for a new batch! I have been on their wait-list for six months, so getting to pre-order may mean subscribing to their waitlist.



▶ Vodka preorder for a good cause



808+101+303 in your browser



▶ Here’s how a robot dove 10,000 feet to find Endurance



▶ Who’s a good doggo?