Lenticular clouds over Mt Cook/Aorangi…
Of all my travels in the last two weeks, the busiest place for tourists was the carpark at Mt Cook! My main reason for visiting the area was due to wanting to shoot film of the remnants of a big fire that happened in the area recently… Strange charred trees that reminded me of Shou Sugi Ban (the charred wood used on Japanese house exteriors)





Floof pre haircut




If you are on the HISSandaROAR mail list you will likely recognise Murphy, CEF (Chief Executive Floof!)
He is actually my parents cat, and turned 17 this year, in human years… At the end of winter each year my Dad takes Murphy to the vet & gets them to give him a haircut, and its usually a #2! To be honest, for a month or two afterwards he looks like a freak… But my sister mentioned he was booked in for his annual haircut just before I arrived down South on my first road trip of 2020, so I emailed my Dad and asked him to delay the haircut until after I visited, so I could shoot some ‘before’ photos…

Having now arrived, and shot a bunch of photos and videos I am off further South… Meanwhile Murphy gets his haircut on Friday and I asked my Dad to ask the vet to save Murphys offcuts. I am intrigued how much all that floof weighs, but someone also mentioned there is a local who is into spinning & knitting with cat floof, so maybe I can commission a beany and a cardigan for Murphy! It must be a shock to go from all that floof to almost none!








Transit to Moenui




very calm ferry crossing, thanks to a Northerly that was fading out and Southerly hadn’t arrived in time to create its infamous swell..



Tirimoana Jetty, Anakiwa
Southerly had arrived & a light drizzle meant I had to use my brolly when shooting…



The Marlborough Sounds in the rain almost look more like Fjordland!
Loved this old tree – will shoot more of it, but can’t wait to see xpan shots!



Yr.no forecast looks perfect for next two days!
Also had a recording session in Oamaru confirmed with a very unique prop!




Detritus 552



Dumb Type 2020



▶ How brilliant is this: GUERILLA GRAFTERS sneak out in the middle of the night and graft fruit-bearing limbs onto sterile urban trees!



▶ Also directly related, if you suffer from hay fever and live in a city, you may have those same city planners to curse!



▶ ho ho ho: sample instrument library idea generator




▶ wow: near real-time satellite images


(I haven’t seen Tenet yet, but this old philosophical chestnut arises again)


Does the director always know best? (the sound mix)


▶ And another article about Tenet sound mix


▶ Directly related, a musician lashed out with this:

They went on to suggest that music mixers could solve all such problems… LOL



▶ lol who made this?





First road trip of 2020!





I’m heading off on a road trip down South – catching ferry & then spending first 3 days in Marlborough Sounds. On a previous trip I explored Kenepuru Sound, so this time I am exploring Pelorus Sound. I plan to do the drive right out to French Pass, but on Friday am going to go on the mail boat which depending on the day of the week does a run delivering mail & goods to the remote houses scattered throughout the sounds… On Fridays they do the outer trip – the bold red in this map:



Fingers crossed the weather plays ball – it is incredible landscape, with the “almost fractal coastline has 1/10 of the length of New Zealand’s coasts” – much film will be shot! Will then head further South to see the parents, then three days in Oamaru returning via Mt Cook & Tekapo (hoping for snow, and plan to visit the recent scrub fire near Mt Cook)

I can still remember the feeling of venturing out for the first time during lockdown, to visit the supermarket. Strange how something so familiar as a supermarket trip or a road trip can feel so precious. Have to be constantly aware that COVID is a present danger and we are years away from referring to it in the past tense. I consider my road trip as extreme social distancing!

Three of my favourite things to do:
Recording sound for a few libraries, shooting film and exploring landscapes!


This is a photo from a previous trip to Pelorus Sound:



































Had a few hours to kill in Wellington yesterday (while my car got its wheels aligned & balanced) so I went for a walk, shot some film and shot some stickers on my iPhone…




Tiny House




I went for a drive over the Akatawarera Road today, leaving Waikanae the road winds up through dense bush and over the Akatawarera mountain range. Up near the summit I noticed this tiny house stuck way out in a paddock!
Photo above is zoomed on my iPhone, below is non-zoomed:



The only gate nearby was this one:


When I got home I did a property search on 410 Akatarawa Road, Reikorangi, Waikanae, 5391 – one bedroom, one bathroom, two car parks lol…

Interesting the last time the property was sold was for $0 in 2014. Wonder if Avenal McKinnon owns it?

Ultimate writing room?







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