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love this drone selfy by @orioldron



▶ Just as occurs in almost every country on the planet, New Zealand has its own media – TV, radio, news media etc and a small subsection of our media are dicks morons over-opionated wankers shock jocks less than useful – at times (often) it seems like their take on the news – their reckons – are more important than the actual facts. So it has been satisfying to see their behaviour wryly called out! Example 1 and Example 2



▶ craving ramen… especially reading this ramen recipe
Challenge accepted! soft boiled egg essential



▶ All proceeds from SiBeggs Bandcamp are going to the NHS COVID-19 Urgent Appeal









Birding at home



I put my 5D3 into rapid fire mode & went for a walk around the garden at dusk…. Piwakawaka move so fast it can be a challenge to achieve sharp focus, but at dusk there must have been six or more of them flittering around catching insects… Check the difference between these two photos, it feels like a move I have seen in performed kapahaka!













Canon 5D3 with EF100-400L lens and 1.4 extender





The sound of empty motorways


On the way home from the supermarket (Moore Wilsons, Porirua for fish+vege+bread) I stopped & did some quick exercise, walking up the steps of the overbridge that you can see in the traffic webcam below. I used it, along with google streetview to do a virtual recce for filming locations…
I am the red dot:



Here is the iPhone snap from that position today:



There was plenty of light, so I was shooting XPAN handheld… blew a few frames, at different positions on the bridge – definitely need the tripod for a night mission…. On my first lockdown supermarket excursion I shot some film on the stretch of motorway SH1 from Plimmerton up to Pukerua Bay, and came home via the semi-secret back road, pass the Urupah. Shooting film both times it has been quick grabs… Really feel a strong communal spirit to self isolate, for the greater good.



Kia kaha.









Detritus 524





▶ Busted, for not social distancing!



▶ fascinating doco: Giacinto Scelsi – The First Motion of the Immovable – “An auditory and musical journey into the work and psyche of the avant-garde Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988), who correctly predicted his own death and said he’d be reincarnated as a palm tree. His music breaks the rules, and his songs are the fruit of intuitive improvisation.” (note: it seems to be geolimited, I had to VPN to France for access!)



▶ interesting thread on journalists versus Trump, the interupter



▶ RAMS, a doco about Dieter Rams by Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) is free to view here for the next week



H O R S E from AJ Jefferies on Vimeo.