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▶ beautiful xpan prints by Virgilijus Usinavicius-Augulis



Bill Watterson, Picasso, and HN On Self Promotion



▶ mmmm eigenvalue chords



▶ a lot of invaluable wisdom in this thread



▶ You might think an air-gapped computer is safe… think again!?!



▶ great news, thanks to the hard work of a lot of people:
Kākāpō population at its highest in almost 50 years
Have you ever heard a Kākāpō ‘boom’?

The sound reminds me of Taonga Puoro performance with Hue (not a coincidence)



▶ For anyone interested to DIY a LOM Priezor EMF sensor, Jonas has kindly updated the dxf file to make laser cutting easy using eg in USA
see priezor_a3.dxf



▶ FourTet on his 155-Hour Sp.tify Pl@ylist



▶ funny thread



▶ Fascinating read: The first interview with the Panama Papers Whistleblower



▶ 1/4″ DJ






Close-up of the edge of a 35mm film print. Every last bit of space is used for audio data:
Left: Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS)
Between sprocket holes: Dolby Digital
Waveform pairs on the right: Analog optical sound
Right dashed lines: DTS time codes

via twitter

EMF x Plasma Ball Experiments

Using these EMF sensors:
LOM Elektrosluch 3+

SOMA Ether

LOM Priezor

Much thanks to Benny for loaning me the Priezor
I’m in the process of DIY building a pair of Priezors, thanks to LOM making their projects open source. Details here: LOM Github

Discovering the feedback idea was pure accident. I wasn’t keen to wear headphones too much while recording as EMF is a bit harsh…. So I set up a pair of JBL LSR25P monitors… Late one night I turned them up a bit too loud when I had the Plasma Ball in sound reactive mode and bingo! (I think the rapid glitchy rhythms come from the lag of MixPre10 A/D/A in the feedback path, but it’s just a theory)

Detritus 651



▶ source: unknown guitar pedal PCB



▶ wow what a module!!



▶ As far as pranks go, this is brilliant!



▶ Fascinating story: Group of Monks in 1960s Japan bring the Curse of Death to industrial polluters!



▶ An interesting take: “After Minimalism” – Perhaps “After Commercial Minimalism” might be a more appropriate title? as I disagree somewhat on the idea of minimalism just being a temporary style, when for cultures like Japan it is an intrinsic part of their aesthetics and has been for centuries.



▶ Tension in the Track: The Quiet, Rich Sound of ‘Severance’



▶ silly security experience today: I needed an attachment for my air compressor to inflate tyres, and wanted one with a pressure meter, so I don’t make my MTB tyres explode… One of these:

So I race into city and go to REPCO, a car parts store. All the staff are busy at the counter so I wander around the store and eventually find all the air tools down the back of the store. But the tyre inflating tool I want is hanging on a hook with one of those security locks, so you can’t remove them yourself.
For a moment I thought WTF? Do people steal these? And then: do I really have to go wait in the queue, to get some guy with a key to come back over here & release them, just so I can buy one? Then I noticed: the bracket they were hanging on was attached to a pegboard wall through two small holes… and nothing else!
So I took the bracket off the pegboard wall, and go up to the counter and hand them over, masked up but laughing: “Just one of these thanks!”
Counter guy laughs, gets his little key out & unlocks them… I pay & exit.
Maybe, just maybe he realised that hanging something on pegboard with a security lock should get some kind of award for being a pointless waste of time.



▶ a meme for all occasions…






These were all taken with Canon 1V with EF100L macro lens and Kodak TriX400
I’ve noticed a few times how red/crimson translates beautifully to B&W!
Photo above is of this mutant sunflower:

Might have to take the 1V and macro lens for a walk around the Botanic Gardens to prove this theory…




Detritus 650



▶ Saw this first as a silent GIF on twitter (hint: mute the loop)



▶ “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept” – so many great photos



▶ How China’s relationship to Hollywood has shaped the movies



▶ Bill Fontana recorded the vibrations of church bells inside fire-damaged Notre Dame
thanks Daniel!



▶ if/when AI becomes sentient & malicious, it will be because of this:
“they fed the AI a further 70,000 hours of unlabelled video.”

But it is an aspect of machine learning I never even considered.
For this project:
“First the researchers trained the AI on a tiny subset of labelled Minecraft gameplay videos, in which the actions onscreen are accompanied by data on the keyboard inputs associated with those actions…. Once the training was complete OpenAI’s neural net was able to perform a wide range of in-game skills, including building huts, chopping wood, and hunting animals. Essentially, it reached the standard of a capable human player.”

I have no interest in an AI playing games as a “capable” human player, but imagine what AI would create after being fed 70,000 hours of unlabelled synthfluencer videos?
Open the pod doors Hal!



▶ Thinking out loud, what is the attraction of midjourney visuals and why do they work? They seem like interesting indeterminant works, but with a hollow ring to them… Could midjourney audio work? Could midjourney music work?

The only thought I had was that our visual senses are rapid, whereas audio & sound are not. In a glance you can see something and instantly feel whether it interests you or not. There is nothing much invested, to glance at some midjourney images. But to ‘glance’ at midjourney audio or music would require an investment in time.

When I used to buy vinyl in record stores, I could audition 5 or 6 albums in just a few minutes. Put side A on, needle drop start of track 1, hear the intro, skip to next track, repeat, maybe a quick listen to hear how a longer track evolves. But this ‘fast listening’ only occurred based on additional info: I had chosen each album to audition, regardless of how specific or nebulous the reason.

I’m not sure skipping through AI midjourney music, hoping for magic, would really be sustainable. I have no doubt AI can and will create a lot of bad music. But will it ever create “good” music? Who will find it, amongst all the crud? It really would not surprise me if this was the true purpose of Spotify etc. Could music be the nut the tech bros cannot crack?



▶ in other DX/ML news:



▶ Kickstarter: Reprinting Allen Strange’s Electronic Music: Systems, Techniques, and Controls.

My copy would be 30+ years old!

I ordered a PDF copy via Kickstarter, but best of all it will stop this kind of behaviour:



▶ wow, check this is EV! The youtube vid is cued up to an exterior shot of the 0-60 test
Love the sound of those little tyres BITING into the tarmac! SO MUCH TORQUE!!






Spent the last week removing and replacing the PVC roof on the porch at the back of my house. The old roof was so old it was brittle and full of holes and cracks, which is what enabled me to record the RAIN RHYTHMS Library… When I was researching what to replace it with, there was a direct cost relationship to longevity: cheaper is guaranteed for 5 years, expensive for 15 years. I bought this house 7 years ago and the old PVC roof likely had never been replaced since it was installed, so was well past its use-by date.

So now I have waterproof space, that will be useful for more than just storing all my sound props and junk! But it also gives me new respect for tradies… My back & arms are so tired, as every stage of the work involved reaching up into the rafters and climbing on the roof.

Relieved to have it finished, as my next DIY project is a new foley room in the basement, which will be approximately three times larger than the old one I have been using. Cannot wait to get it finished – larger space = larger props!



Heres the step by step:

Just waiting on decent weather so I can repaint the floor!




Patience rewarded!

I joined the waitlist 29th August 2021… Pre-ordered 17th March 2022, arrived today 8th July 2022.
I know what I’m doing this weekend!!

Someone asked me to make a demo of the Alesis Bitrman in use, so for a first play I am going to try the CR8000 > Alexis BitrMan > AKG BX5 Spring > KTBK! Once patched, I expect many hours to disappear in a haze… I will try to document some of them!



Three shots

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 x Fuji Acros 100

just got 7 rolls back from lab!
three versions of the same shot:
Kapiti Island with a favourite tree & bird trio

Fuji TX2/XPAN2 x Fuji Venus 800
(changing rolls at an interesting location is useful!)

Kapiti Island – different day, after NW storm, with a favourite tree & 1/3 bird trio?
Fuji TX2/XPAN2 x Kodak TriX400




Detritus 649



▶ Ryuichi Sakamoto & Shiro Takatani – TIME



Where Did the Long Tail Go? – interesting article with many interesting comments (makes a change from social medias shallow commentary) – another article worth a read, mentioned in the comments:
The Rise of the Internet’s Creative Middle Class



▶ Is this a great idea or a really bad idea?
pro: easy to record dawn chorus
con: impossible to sleep in, due to dawn chorus right beside your head!



▶ If you’re on a wait list or frustrated by unreliable availability of tech goods, this article explains the chip shortage “The components in a semiconductor can travel well over 50,000 kilometers and cross more than 70 international borders before a chip finally reaches its end customer”



▶ wow glasshouse life goals! – I really hope it makes a really great, scary, dangerous sound when it opens! “Mecha glasshouse open, take 1… ”



▶ The Matrix of Pejoration



▶ Rhythm Becomes Pitch
aka the dot becomes a line






First two Tamarillos are ripe, weirdly these two were outside.
All the others are in my greenhouse and are still quite firm…

Lots of good recipes here

First I’ll try tamarillo crumble, then tamarillo muffins…
and then maybe make chutney!