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Two new HISSandaROAR sound libraries release next week!

It’s kinda funny, while recording the machine in the photo above, at one point I realised I was recording 5 channel audio, along with sync video on my Canon 5D3, while also flying my drone capturing some wide shots! Multitasking FTW!




Detritus 554



▶ XXL EBows via Oscillatorial Binnage



▶ Japanese mascots getting stuck, a thread



▶ googles: Autechre SIGN review on N2O
WHAAAT? zero results? the internet has failed me



Forms – Screen Ensemble from Playmodes Studio on Vimeo.

FORMS – SCREEN ENSEMBLE via matrixsynth



▶ The opposition party in NZ has been rapidly imploding, which means an opportunity will soon appear for a new leader and one person who seems to get mentioned a bit is also a Pentecostal… which doesn’t really make sense since the majority of citizens of NZ are non-religious… But, watching pentecostal “dancing” with music swapped out to something completely inappropriate is still LOL funny…


Do you think they practice their moves at home?




nuzic 146



▶ Melody Gardot – From Paris With Love



▶ Happy 80th Birthday Pharoah Sanders



▶ Machinedrum – ‘The Relic (feat. Rochelle Jordan)’



▶ love that staccato break at 0’45”

nerd alert:
go to the Youtube videos settings on the following cued up clip,
set playback to 50% & hit play

so good









Unlike Japan if you want Shiso you cannot buy it in a supermarket, so the only way is to grow it! The first year I tried and failed – none of my planted seeds sprouted! But after a little research I learned that you have to stratify the seeds ie put them in the fridge for a week. Then plant them in a sunny spot, so the contrast of cold & dark to warmth & light prompts them to grow… And it worked!
Last year I didn’t plant any as I had let some go to seed and they started appearing randomly in the garden automagically! This year after a stint in the fridge I’ve planted about 100 seeds, so will be interesting to see what my hit ratio is this time!


For anyone wondering WTF is shiso, you often get served it with sashimi or sushi – it has a distinctive, slightly pepper flavour, and is also very nice in salad. In all of my visits to Japan only one time have I had shiso tempura. While I was doing my artist residency on Shodoshima, the owner of the local Olive Farm (who sponsors the residencies) organised a big dinner and brought a famous local tempura chef in to cater it… and I was luck enough to try a single leaf of shiso, perfectly cooked as tempura… SUPER OISHI!!








Trailer for new film: Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and Legendary Tapes

“Kicking off with the discovery of 267 tapes in an attic, along with a treasure trove of journals hidden in her childhood bedroom, this film tunes in to Derbyshire’s frequency; that of a life-long non-conformist, whose peals of laughter in an archive interview tickle with delight and eccentricity. Featuring a rich archive, interviews, fictional embodiment and Cosey Fanni Tutti’s psycho-sonic channelling, director Caroline Catz traces acoustic pathways on her archeological dig into Derbyshire’s resonant life…”

via BFI





Secret Plans




this is…

1. silly
2. a prototype lightweight mobile low frequency detector
3. a spatial array prototype
4. what happens when you drink beer in your backyard
4. a 5G death ray
5. “my neighbour gets free WIFI!”
6. less interesting than why a clod of dirt has googly eyes
7. somehow related to buckminster fuller
8. so lame…. why aren’t there two!?
9. a filing cabinet?
10. goto 10
11. so fake
12. plastic
13. made by Telinga?
14. vc funded
15. edible









Early voting makes it so easy – walked in to Plimmerton School with my EasyVote card, no queue, expressed my democratic right & was done in less than five minutes. YAY democracy! Now the interminable wait for results… Main GE2020 election results will be Saturday night Oct 17th, while preliminary results from the two referendums will not be released until Friday Oct 30th, with final results Nov 6th!





Detritus 553



▶ incredibly beautiful two octave A minor euphone by Chris Andersen
(I never thought to try but should be able to play my big waterphone like this, if I suspend it on its side… )



▶ Group Chat: The best way to totally stress out your team?



▶ Somehow I have ended up with 22 tomato plants in my greenhouse! So that can only mean one thing: time to go marigold shopping… #companionplantingFTW



▶ new book: King Tubby—the dub master, by Thibault Ehrengardt
Ordered thanks to a review in The Wire



▶ wow – instant purchase! Sonic Couture Celeste
5.5 OCTAVE SCHIEDMAYER STUDIO MODEL captured with 32 velocity layers!?!



▶ “He is so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing that my interpreter friends and I often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid,”
you know exactly who they mean, right?



▶ It was crunch time. The arts had been the first into the COVID coalmine…
And would be the last out…



▶ Yuri Suzuki builds an 808 and 303 in your browser



▶ What does negative criticism actually achieve?

A better approach: Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process is a method for giving and getting feedback on work in progress, designed to leave the maker eager and motivated to get back to work.






▶ Making Data into Sound



White Noise Baby Sleep

“SEO spam and its various streambait cousins fit right in with Spotify’s own marketing strategy of being a one-stop shop for “music for any mood,” rather than, say, a hub that highlights the most talented artists.”



▶ Apart from making great music Dubkasm also have some useful tutorials for beginnners in dub – ep1