A little revelation



I had a little revelation this morning… I suspect like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook – the good aspects are very good (eg being a member of a 60k+ group of local vege gardeners is the best place for advice) but so much of the rest I just find relentlessly annoying – dumb comments, relentless ads (which were never relevant, but became completely irrelevant once I stopped FB tracking me offsite)


Due to work etc I also get ‘friended’ a lot by people I do not know. I do not know why they friend me – if they want to see what I post they can follow, but some of those people seem to assume because you agreed to be friended (& for me, usually instantly unfollowed) then its ok if they FB message me.
It happens so often I made TextExpander shortcut: “Sorry I do not use FB Messenger, it is an insecure form of communication which FB scrapes for advertising, email me if you want to get in touch”
But that wasn’t the revelation – humans I can handle…


What I realised is this: all those companies, brands, websites & platforms that I absent mindedly LIKED on FB, and accordingly who then appear erratically in my FB timeline (depending on opaque advertising-based algorithms) are better served by RSS!
That’s it, that is my revelation!


So an hour of my Sunday morning was spent unfollowing almost everything, leaving almost every group I had joined. So now the FB algorithm only has a few sources to draw from – a small bunch of people that I actually know and a couple of groups that I still follow.

So what’s the big difference?

I choose what RSS I subscribe to.
I choose when I skim read the RSS.
I choose when I follow an RSS link to visit an actual website.
And all of those websites are far better designed experiences than FB.
And most of them are personal – the personal work of lovely human beings.

Thankfully I kept all of my old RSS subscriptions, having moved from Google Reader (fck you too Google!) to NetNewsWire…

And NetNewsWire (OSX app) still works, and while writing this I discovered it has reverted ownership to its original owner, and a new version 5 was released without me even realising…
Updating now, thank you!

So thank you to RSS and no thank you to FaceBook!



And a funny side effect: as I unfollowed each website etc from FB, I checked to see I was subscribed to their RSS, and in the process discovered LOTS of great articles & content that I had missed, simply because FB was choosing what to show me in the hope of selling me advertising, and creating the illusion I was subscribed to their feeds when I was not.




Detritus 529





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▶ Aphex Twin – Stone in Focus (field recorded)
“A field recorded version of “Stone in Focus” by Aphex Twin. Originally only available on the vinyl version of the album “Selected Ambient Works Vol. II”. A 20 year old gem for sure.”



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Detritus 528





▶ Fullscreen & loud: Ryoji Ikeda | data-verse 1 ex Venice Biennale November 2019



▶ FB Group full of incredible NZ Band Posters from the 80s, 90s etc…
And a welcome reminder of how excellent graphic design for music can be!





▶ love this term: “read the air”



▶ For anyone local my favourite bakery deliver! Pandoro shop online (saves a trip to Moore Wilsons)







Detritus 527



▶ Fantastic web experience: Apollo 13 in real time
I love those beeps, but highly recommend having some Porter Ricks playing at the same time




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Today’s theme, chosen by you, is #CreepiestObject!



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▶ fascinating: Apocalypse Then: Vladimír Smutný / The Painted Bird



▶ Painted Bird – Directed, written and produced by Václav Marhoul


(View FULL SCREEN + Studio Monitors…. not on your phone!)