Piano practice




My quarantine homework is teaching myself to play a slow motion version of Bill Evans Peace Piece


DPA 4060 omni pair gaffer taped inside piano > mixer
FX sends to Infinite Jets, Space Echo 201, AD100 BBD delay and a TC Electronic Flashback x4 looper






Detritus 526



love this drone selfy by @orioldron



▶ Just as occurs in almost every country on the planet, New Zealand has its own media – TV, radio, news media etc and a small subsection of our media are dicks morons over-opionated wankers shock jocks less than useful – at times (often) it seems like their take on the news – their reckons – are more important than the actual facts. So it has been satisfying to see their behaviour wryly called out! Example 1 and Example 2



▶ craving ramen… especially reading this ramen recipe
Challenge accepted! soft boiled egg essential



▶ All proceeds from SiBeggs Bandcamp are going to the NHS COVID-19 Urgent Appeal