1955 Twins

How do you like my new old camera(s)?

Both are Voigtländer Vito B 35mm film cameras made in 1955. No batteries, purely mechanical. And both seem to be in great condition, with the shutter firing as it should.

My motive for getting them is the ‘B’ part – these tiny cameras have Bulb mode, so once I get a cable release for them both, I will be deploying them at night for some very long exposures!

Kinda funny how these cameras cost less ($30 each) than a roll of developed film!
And will last longer than your latest iPhone.




Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with Ilford SFX200

With an ND10 filter this shot was a 60 second exposure,
but with SFX200 reciprocity it became a 5 minute exposure!
Funny how it looks kinda blown out/overexposed from so much wave action over 5 minutes
but the rocks etc still have details…

Same location as the dawn long exposure I shot with my 5D3 + 400mm lens




nuzic 242



▶ James Blake – If you can hear me



▶ Sampha – Only



PSA: watch your monitor level before playing this:

▶ Emptyset – ash





Detritus 714



▶ wow – fun glitches in your browser or phone!
touch: waves
interactive audiovisual app using web audio!!



G Town Church Sampling Project



▶ What an excellent initiative: PLAYBACK COMMUNITY
“Do you make music and wish you could hear it on a big sound system? Playback creates a space for music makers to hear their works on an amplified sound system in a supportive and educational setting. Many music makers don’t get the opportunity to hear how their sounds will translate in final environments such as clubs, cinemas, or under heavy amplification.”





▶ I deeply admire this approach & it has many parallels with my own evolution:
Why I don’t want to grow my freelance design studio into an agency



Recreating the THX Brown Note



famous photos & the cameras used to capture them



▶ how beautiful is this
(& how/why don’t synthfluncers try something more subtle than shouting at the camera!?!)



Maryanne Amacher Archive is now accessible at the library for the performing arts
via blank forms



▶ Rare, precious: hunting for ambergris in New Zealand



▶ xkcd: Circuit Symbols lol… “Two sheep… ”



▶ Why Mazda is purging touchscreens from its vehicles



▶ wow – Sidewalk Garden





▶ i love a book where one of the experiments involves licking a 9 volt battery!



▶ TIL the guy who invented the mouse also invented a chording keyset



▶ Yann Tiersen and QUINQUIS – Ninnog Short Film





Defender Sound Studio

I used to love playing Defender as a kid, for 20c a game at a “spacie parlour” – it was released in 1980, when I was 15 years old so still at high school… One of the best parts of the game were the great sounds, so check out this website:

choose a preset and hit play, but watch your monitor level as its loud & 8bit!

There is a great history of Defender & its sound at the same site

I love how harsh & aggressive the sounds are, in stark contrast to a lot of later games having higher resolution sound but the aesthetic veered more towards cute. I have close to zero interest in chiptune music. I think I had zoned out from gaming by the time the more cute games arrived, so chiptune has no nostalgia to me… Meanwhile I still want to hear the Defender hyperspace jump sound!!




First Day of Spring!

a dozen Tomato varieties, including low acid type
(which means use less/no sugar if making sauce etc)

and a dozen Chilli varieties!

Its funny – I definitely used to be a “no chilli thanks” person, who would always get a mild curry… But I saw this meme ages ago & I couldn’t stop thinking about it:

So I slowly started experimenting, first buying a range of hot sauces and then last year I grew 4 varieties of chilli, which did really well. They also survived the winter so I’ve put them in bigger containers & expect them to grow lots more this summer…

But the real proof came via ramen! I don’t eat much of the instant ramen but a while ago I started a weekly ritual of making ramen for lunch on a Sunday. And as I am making ramen from scratch, I tend to vary the recipe every time. Usually I slow cook pork overnight, and I quite like mushrooms in ramen – shitake or portobello. But I also started putting fresh chilli in too, and now ramen seems too tame without it! I love it when it feels like my lips are vibrating from the chilli.

So expect some progress photos!

This year I am growing:
Cayenne Long Thin – Sethas seeds
Jimmy Nardello Pepper – Sethas seeds
Cayenne Anmol F1 – Egmont seeds
Carolina Reaper – Egmont seeds
Bhut Chilli – babz_nz on TM
Serrano Chilli – babz_nz on TM
Mixed Chilli pack – babz_nz on TM
Chilli Shake – Mr Fothergills at Bunnings
Habanero Gaint Red – Mr Fothergills at Bunnings

Do you have a favourite chilli?

Detritus 713





Uhhyou Web Synthesizers



▶ The Ideal Viewport Doesn’t Exist



▶ The place where no humans will tread for 100,000 years



▶ fugly wooden car



▶ wow – NZ needs to follow this example: Meta confirms AI ‘off-switch’ incoming to Facebook, Instagram in Europe – “The DSA requires larger platforms and search engines (so-called VLOPs and VLOSE) to provide users in the region with the ability to switch off AI-driven “personalization” — a feature which selects and displays content based on tracking and profiling individual users.”



▶ Sir Peter Jackson and Dame Fran Walsh gift $2 million towards Wellington’s National Music Centre



▶ Interesting orchestral VI – The Alpine Project (All sample libraries on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. All libraries CAN be used in public and commercial projects!)



ProTools gets some ableton LIVE features!?



▶ interesting interview: Maral Versus the Mythologies of Music’s Democracy*



▶ lol who made this?





End of roll

Contax T2 with Kodak TriX400

I don’t shoot so much with my little Contax T2 but its always in my camera bag so I often do grab a shot, just as a backup. Its usually loaded with a different film stock (Trix400) to my XPAN and of course different aspect ratio.
But as I don’t shoot lots with it, it takes a lot longer to finish a roll of film than with my XPAN. So it was a surprise to see these when I got a roll developed recently, as I haven’t been to Takaka & Cape Farewell for a year, so that roll has been in the camera for that long!





Apostle Hot Sauce are based in Paekakariki, a small coastal village one stop on the train from me up the coast… If you’re ever taking the scenic route out of Wellington, I noticed recently the dairy in Paekakariki also stocks their hot sauces. But I ordered these via their website, as the Crispy Chilli Oil is a new product. I love Japanese chilli garlic so I’m sure this will be great. I love their Szechuan-Blueberry Habanero Sauce and also their Mango, Turmeric & Ginger sauce. I haven’t tried the Chocolate & Manuka Smoked Chipotle – next time!




Spring is almost here!

Dwarf Peach in my tunnel house is blossoming!

new Plum Tree 1 is budding

Plum Tree 2 is not far behind

Planted six tomato seedlings in the tunnel house today too…
I love this time of year, when all the work prepping soil etc pays off by suddenly bursting with life



nuzic 240



▶ Rhythm & Sound – Rise and Praise (Vainqueur Remix)



▶ Intrusion w/ Paul St. Hilaire – Angel Version



▶ Rhythm & Sound – Smile