Detritus 533





▶ a repost/great read on the origins of ska & reggae: THAT CHOP ON THE UPBEAT
“He liked to perform with a rooster on top of his piano, a rooster named Butch who drank whiskey from a glass….”



▶ another great read thanks The Guardian: the REAL Lord of the Flies



▶ what a great idea: foot cabasa



▶ Study finds speaking loudly could help spread Covid-19 – time to pipe down!



▶ ‘How do we self-isolate from climate change?’



▶ PHOTOCOPY CHA CHA (1991) by Chel White





Lockdown day 49 dusk x drone




A daily dusk drone shot…
Lockdown day 49 – no wind!!
Karehana Bay > Mana Island #NZ


Tomorrow after 49 days = 7 weeks, NZ switches to Level 2 lockdown!
But I plan to stay at Level 3.5 for an extra six months or so…
or at least until 28 days in a row with zero new COVID cases!










When we first went into lockdown in NZ, I started making a series of #dronedrones (i.e. one minute of favourite drone footage, scored with an orchestral drone) so this is the first.
This was shot in the headwaters of the Rangitata River, which has special significance for me as my parents farm backed on to the Rangitata River and was close to the river mouth, where this mighty braided river meets the sea…







Detritus 532






▶ one of these blobs does not pay tax, guess which one? Wealth, shown to scale



▶ Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News



▶ Fascinating interview with Atom™ Uwe Schmidt



▶ This is a thread worth reading: A COVID-19 positive man walks into a Seoul bar…and 1900 people need to get traced-and-tested, with 40 positives found already and 2000 venues shut down a week after they reopened…. What are the options?



Freestyling an Abandoned Gas and Oil Platform!





Detritus 531



▶ really enjoyed watching doco KOUDELKA – SHOOTING HOLY LAND yesterday.
Toting two Fuji GX617 makes his XPAN look like a tiny point & shoot!



▶ EMS Patch Notes ex EMS Book of Sounds



▶ stop motion wood carving



Freedom you say?
“Citizens are adults, and we have to get through this despite the overgrown children among us”



▶ Carsten Nicolai – The aesthetics of mathematics



▶ WOW – enjoy the Guggenheim archive of art books all downloadable as PDF, eMobi, Kindle etc (nostalgia: when I was at University & hating studying electrical engineering, I used to go & ‘study’ in the arts library rather than the engineering library… I got very little EE study done but discovered so many inspiring artists from history!)

Wassily Kandinsky: On the spiritual in art

The Great utopia : the Russian and Soviet avant-garde, 1915-1932

Mark Rothko, 1903-1970 : A Retrospective

Art of the avant-garde in Russia : selections from the George Costakis Collection

Dan Flavin : the architecture of light : Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin

Joan Miró : magnetic fields

Alexander Calder : a retrospective exhibition

Contemporary Japanese art; fifth Japan Art Festival exhibition

Yves Tanguy : a retrospective

In memoriam Laszlo Moholy-Nagy



Tony Allen Paris Legends of Afrobeat excerpt from Raymond Dumas on Vimeo.