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▶ Tribilin Sound – Love Lights (Stinky Jim Remix feat Alvaro Isla)



▶ Jamie XX – So Good



▶ Hard Wax In-store: DJ Pete





Detritus 727



▶ ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks Research – “3 dancers and 24 drones”





Apple Vision Pro: $3,499 headset lol



▶ This feels significant: Disney has officially retracted a copyright claim on a third-party’s Steamboat Willie video on YouTube.



▶ ok wow, try this optical illusion vid on instagram for 15 seconds
& tell me you don’t visually trip out briefly afterwards, like swirly reality



▶ lol surprise surprise: Database of 16,000 Artists Used to Train Midjourney AI, Including 6-Year-Old Child, Garners Criticism



▶ wordpress hosting for 100 years?






▶ Open the pod bay doors, HAL 9000 CrO2



▶ Why Sampling is the Most Important Tool in Modern Music – Matthew Herbert, “The Horse”





▶ mmmm panoramic film







Piano #6

There likely aren’t too many people who are both hoarders & hoarders of pianos, but…
Piano #6 just arrived!

One thing is certain: that seat is not made for 6 foot geezers!

The rest of the gang:

You will know why I have them… patience grasshopper!

And I documented my ‘actual’ piano here




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▶ Tirzah – F22



▶ OTOBOKE BEAVER – “I Checked Your Cellphone”



▶ Stilluppsteypa – Reduce By Reducing



▶ Stilluppsteypa – Reduce By Reducing (Remix by Ryoji Ikeda)






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Orphans of Netscape



▶ A fun insta follow: French Fuse Music eg can you ID the tune before its revealed in this vid?



▶ Nikon, Sony, and Canon will all reportedly bring out support for the Content Authenticity Initiative’s (CAI) C2PA digital signature system in 2024 as the CAI pivots its messaging as a way to combat AI.



▶ Things are about to get a lot worse for Generative AI



▶ wow! Hard to plead innocent after admitting a crime…

more here





▶ Tokyo’s top tuna for the New Year sells for ¥114.2 million



▶ SAR arcs are rare and have only been acknowledged and studied since 1954. The featured wide-angle photograph, capturing nearly an entire SAR arc surrounding more common green and red aurora, was taken earlier this month from Poolburn, New Zealand, during an especially energetic geomagnetic storm. Photo credit













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Delicious 2024

Heirloom black raspberries are delicious!
The main plants in my raspberry enclosure are laden with delicious fruit…
I also have cloned the plant ten times now, the first is as big as the original plant & covered in fruit but is uncovered so the birds will enjoy it… The other clones are only recent so this is their first Spring & now Summer so are growing canes like crazy but wont fruit until next year… At which point I will be swamped in raspberries!

Over the holidays I planted out three banana palms, ten clumping/non-invasive bamboo and two Japanese cherry blossom trees… Hoping by next Spring the two cherry blossom will be foreground in the view from my studio, with bamboo behind…

It’s weird how satisfying it is to plant a tree. Choosing a site while keeping in mind how big the tree will get, and what conditions it needs. Then digging holes & prepping soil & fertiliser… Then going to nursery & getting the trees – the cherry blossom trees were 1.8m tall already so only just fitted in my SUV. And then getting them in the ground.

But the best part? Forgetting about them, apart from an occasional watering…
And then being startled by growth/compound interest!



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▶ Fascinating talk with Vlad Kreimer, SOMA SYNTHS



▶ wow – I’ve gotten lost here more than a few times…
3D Map of Shinjuku Station in Three.js



▶ hah nifty trick: use your soda stream to make salad greens last longer in the fridge (or even better, grow them & pick as you need, so they are always fresh!



▶ NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day + archive
wow check these Asperitas Clouds Over Hanmer Springs, New Zealand in 2005



▶ U2’s Adam Clayton: Bass player and visionary gardener! #wholesome



African Head Charge interview



▶ Nothing puts me off more than hyperbolic phrases like this:
“a must-have tool for composers who want to create a blockbuster soundtrack in seconds.”
Thats a great big blockbuster NOPE from me!



▶ credit:



▶ Jan 1st is Steamboat Willie is free day!



▶ at first I was like ‘mmmm triplets’ and then… imma have to sample this!






The first few days of the Xmas holidays have been damp & humid. But the contrast yesterday:

To burn off some Xmas excess I dug three large holes & filled the holes with compost, ferilizer etc… And then planted three banana plants:

Two of them had been in my tunnel house & were too cramped for space. The third one I got on sale at local nursery. Intrigued to see how they go & if they can cope with the climate. I deliberately chose that site for being sheltered from strong NW winds…



New Year New Hobby

I did a bit of Xmas shopping for myself a few weeks ago, it’s the first two parts of a new hobby… Well extending an existing hobby…

Step 1:

Step 2:

Not for camping, although I’m sure it will get used for that.. but my aim is to get set up for astrophotography!

Over the years I have tried to book Air BnBs in remote places with a view, so I could comfortably experiment with astrophotography… and its only worked out once, South of Kaikoura

These star trails were the result of comping 2+ hours of shooting timelapse. In this case, I set my tripod up on the outside deck of a two story house on Kaikoura Coast, and set it firing shots. But I’d really like to do that comfortably anywhere, and especially in enforced dark sky locations like Tekapo or the Wairarapa, or natural ones. The next time I go down South I plan to go via Molesworth Station, which I have driven before – its a gravel road through back country. But last time I drove through in one day, and it is remote af so no light pollution at all. Next time I will find a photographic location and stop for the night…. and fall asleep to the sound of my camera shooting frames!

I have basic creature comforts for camping, but will do some research on battery/power supply, invertor etc…

To attach the awning to my little Suzuki SUV, I had to get a roof rack installed…

Kings Side awning

Kings Awning tent

The only negative comments in reviews for this setup is that it doesn’t cope with strong winds. But that shouldn’t be a problem as strong winds do not make for good conditions for astrophotography!



Detritus 724



▶ mmmm bananas…



▶ Restored 478-key, 31-tone Moog synthesizer from 1968 sounds beautifully bizarre



▶ Cory Doctorow: What Kind of Bubble is AI?



▶ Actions speak louder than press releases
re: Bandcamp layoffs



▶ Ever wonder why you keep seeing spammy crypto ads on Twitter?
This is why: Crypto drainer steals $59 million from 63k people in Twitter ad push



(funny how all four are instantly identifiable)





“top tier” shenanigans








Right on cue

Xmas Lilly!

My Mum always grew these and had them in the house at Xmas time, so the beautiful scent is full of nostalgia for me… Two years ago I bought some plants at a nursery, instead of cut flowers, but last year they never flowered.. and I forgot about them. Suddenly noticed it blooming today in the corner of the garden! Ahhh the scent! Need scratch & sniff interweb!!