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▶ I am ‘knowledge adjacent’



▶ life goals, but needs a few echo chambers..



▶ Hard Disk Sub bass synth by Psychiceyeclix



▶ The Subharchord: How It Works



▶ SynthAxe lol



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▶ airport pianos? #superniche



▶ So is there a Japanese equivalent of the Golden Record?



▶ love the look of these TetsuoSoundNoisebox on Etsy
Tried to find a youtube example but they are all drowned in reverb..
With that much verb you could fart in a bottle & it would sound just as ‘good’



▶ A comparison of solenoid-based strategies for robotic drumming: download PDF



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The man who can talk backwards



acid in your browser!



▶ awwwwww…
needed some infrasonic purring to really achieve liftoff
but hey… its a start!










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▶ The world’s oldest moss outlived the dinosaurs… but may not survive climate change



Grow your own pigments?



▶ a piano you can take on the subway?



interview with Kieran – FourTet



▶ What if the toilets on the Enterprise are actually little transporters.
(quoted from a random on bluesky)




Miles is quoted as saying: “It’s not the note you play that’s the wrong note – it’s the note you play afterwards that makes it right or wrong.”



▶ how ineffably brilliant!
Willow are an interesting plant/tree eg you can use “willow water” as a DIY rooting hormone when cloning plants from cuttings



▶ “white noise podcasts account for 3 million daily consumption hours on the platform”

L O L !!!

Spotify Looked to Ban White Noise Podcasts to Become More Profitable

the stupid, it hurts..



▶ Data and Disinformation: Investigating Cambridge Analytica (Exposé Documentary)



▶ Norman McLaren – Pen Point Percussion





More prop shopping!

While down South for my Dads 93rd Birthday, we did a trip into Lake Heron and on the way back we called past my favourite junk store & I scored some more sonic gems:

weird sounding small auger springs?
the pulleys are destined for a wind powered thing I am making…

this is a huge old whisky bottle, it must be 2 liters or more and swings freely…
I figure there has to be an interesting use for it, maybe as a slow gravity pendulum

a crusty old lego truck… which makes such cute clackety sounds when it moves as the little concrete mixer rotates

I picked up this huge paella dish & tapped it… it sounds like a gong!

Good random shopping!



nuzic 238



▶ Little Dragon – Tiny Desk



▶ Travis Scott – PARASAIL ft. Yung Lean, Dave Chappelle





▶ Vital Techniques x April-Ess – Falling



▶ Profile of the On-U Sound label



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glow-in-the-dark knobs!





Internet Search Tips
Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations



▶ Adobe staff are worried that its AI technology puts its customers’ jobs at risk and could potentially undermine its own business model.



▶ living the dream!
I’d love to spend time in Antarctica, with just my XPAN + MixPre + hydrophones



▶ Not the most ‘exciting’ sound but… catching the ferry home the other day, I realised they have the same vacuum pressurised toilet system as aeroplanes! So whoever was in the cabin next door was probably wondering why their neighbour was um.. recording many takes!



▶ I suspect this is a direct result of vacuous synthfluencer nonsense (I am not a violent man, but every time I see one of those dumbass youtube thumbnails I think thats a face that needs a good metaphorical/ethical slap!)



▶ fascinating! The hearing range of dogs & other animals
Guess who hears the highest frequencies?



▶ Anthony Braxton’s Synaesthetic Ideal and Notations for Improvisers: “What I Call a Sound”







HISSandaROAR 13th Birthday Sale!

Since HISSandaROAR is now 13, we have at last become a teenager for the first time! But don’t expect any tantrums, door slamming or playing loud music in protest at parental incursions…

Our annual sale provides a unique opportunity to affordably access anything and everything from the past 13 years of relentless research and development. So whether you are building your sound library resources, are prepping for an upcoming project, or simply need some left-field inspiration you now have three weeks to take advantage of our maximum 50% discount.

HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 125 is also on sale, and currently includes:

Sound Design Libraries x60
Mini FX Libraries x15
Ambience Libraries x20
Unit FX Libraries x21
IR Libraries x3

And while I have some big sound design libraries due for release later in the year, during the sale I am aiming to release a few quirky new UnitFX & MiniFX libraries each week. I’ll also be releasing a new IR library during the sale, and it takes a very interesting new approach. During the sale one library each week is also switched to 100% discount…

Happy Birthday to us!




reblog: StartUp Cows

Today is my Dads 93rd Birthday, so I thought I’d repost one of his life lessons:



A friend is going through tough times (is losing his hearing, but cannot afford to get hearing aids) and to try and encourage him to not let a short term problem (can’t afford today) stop him from achieving long term goal (get hearing aids) I recounted a few times in my life where I had to overcome a similar issue.

One of the most important was in my youth, and is 100% down to good parenting. My Dad taught me a simple lesson that set me up with a very specific attitude for life, which has informed almost everything I do. So I will recount it here… And yes, it involved cows.



So I grew up on a farm, and as much as I loved living on a farm I did not want to become a farmer. My older brother did, but I was more of a dreamer. I loved music, and wanted to play in a band. And the final decision was made when I started secondary school: I sat a bursary test and it turned out I had a reasonably high IQ. The teachers discussed with my parents and advised I should not study agriculture (my default at that point), but instead should study Latin. (WTF!?)

So a year or two into high school and I started to learn guitar. But everyone was a guitarist and I liked playing bass more, so one day I asked my Dad if he would buy me a bass guitar and amp. Back then I needed about $1000 for a decent secondhand bass guitar and an amp, so it wasn’t an insignificant amount of money, especially at a young age. Guess what my Dad said?


He offered to buy me five calves. He said if I was prepared to raise the calves, he would let me graze them on the farm for free and in a year or three I could sell them & I would have enough for my bass and amp. Clever right?


If you’ve never raised a calf then maybe this sounds like fun, like raising a kitten or something. But what it actually means is that twice a day, every day without miss, I had to go mix some milk powder up in a bucket and feed one bucket to each of my five calves. Didn’t matter if it was raining, the calves had to be fed. I can still remember the smell of the milk powder.

This carried on for months, until they were big enough to eat grass.
But even then they were still my responsibility. If they broke out of a paddock, it was me who got on the motorbike and got them back to where they were meant to be. Now I knew these calves were going to be slaughtered at some point, so I didn’t get too attached to them, and for some reason I decided to call them all Mogey. Mogey 1, Mogey 2, Mogey 3, Mogey 4, and Mogey 5. (Mogey as in “Moe Ghee”)


A year or three passes, and I still want that bass guitar and amp. My Dad advises me the market is good now and the Mogeys are at their prime, so off they go to become steak and hamburgers.
I could not believe it – I got $3,000 for them! So I bought a better bass guitar than I was planning, and a better amp. And still had funds left over.

Over the following decade I had some of the best times of my life, playing bass in bands.
All thanks to the Mogeys!


So what is it, that my Dad actually did?

1. He taught me that being self motivated to work, with a specific goal, provides rewards that may not otherwise be achievable. Short term pain for long term gain.

2. He taught me when making big purchases it is better to wait and make sure that the big thing you want is a permanent desire, and not just a whim.

3. He taught me to value what I had worked hard to achieve. I took care of that bass guitar and amp.

4. He taught me the solution to a problem often lies outside the world of the problem.

5. He taught me to invest time and effort into creating something, that over time would grow in value.
He taught me to be an entrepreneur!



Thanks to rampant capitalism I suspect a lot of people think they are expressing their love by being extremely generous with gifts to their kids. The latest iPhone, Playstation etc..
What a missed opportunity!


Thanks Dad!




White Noise Generator

The AirBnB I am staying in has a built in white noise generator, the only issue being there is no volume control…

I could never afford to own a waterfront property in New Zealand, due to the double whammy: such real estate is very expensive AND global warming is going to make it even more expensive. But it is easy to forget just how loud the ocean is… This house is about 20km South of Kaikoura – you have to cross the railway tracks & drive up a 4WD track. It is so much better than staying in Kaikoura, with neighbours etc…

What a view!! But also: wow the roar of the ocean!!
Hoping to shoot some late night long exposures later on…