Detritus 735



▶ Guthman Musical Instrument Competition Concert (2024)
“A music, engineering, and tech mashup, the Georgia Tech Guthman Musical Instrument Competition is an annual event aimed at identifying the world’s next generation of musical instruments….”
(love the yellow air-powered instrument at 32′)



Jean-François Laporte’s Babel Table
Their website is very inspiring!!



▶ Another great read by Cory Doctorow: The Coprophagic AI crisis

I find it so bizarre that a disinformation tactic – Bannon’s ‘flood the zone with shit’ – is a very, very likely function of AI. I only mention this as in Doctorows article he mentions that Amazon has had to limit the number of books an ‘author’ can upload in a day. That limit is currently three lol… So some AI ‘authors’ are very busy cranking out 3 books a day, literally flooding the zone with shit. Imagine that in every industry and every communication medium… eg “Hey how was work today?”
Oh not bad, but I only got twenty new albums of [generic] music finished & uploaded. I’ll try & do better tomorrow….



▶ It certainly seems we are in the ‘fcuk around’ stage of AI:
Facial recognition’s ‘dirty little secret’: Millions of online photos scraped without consent
When does the ‘find out’ stage begin?



▶ “Sasaki Hiroshi, the pride and joy of Gainax’s artistic design, has outdone himself. Whether it’s psychedelic or SF/fantasy, this is the definitive texture collection. 118 files, in 3 formats and 4 sizes. It comes to you straight from the harddisk of the chief of Gainax’s art department:”
Hiroshi Sasaki’s Texture-X



▶ the difference between Twitter & Bluesky



▶ these synth babies are unnerving



▶ The Acid House Revolution #podcast



▶ The money is in all the wrong places









▶ Graham Dunning – Mechanical Techno Studio Set (with annotations)





SUV Impacts library released!

VEH002 SUV IMPACTS library is now released!
33% Intro discount available until March 24th

The second library from my now completely munted Isuzu Wizard 4WD SUV, is an invaluable collection of vehicle impacts – hits, slams, scrapes & breaks.

I targeted side panels, bonnet, roof and rear as well as headlights, indicators and windows, using an axe, pick, sledgehammer, cinder block, tree trunk, heavy metal pole, rocks, stones & clods of clay.

Foots and body falls were also performed on the roof and bonnet, capturing that distinctive ‘thumpy’ car body resonance.

Finally a variety of movements were captured inside the vehicle, imagining a life threatening struggle – hitting seats, windows, interior walls & roof, as well as thrashing around in the boot.

Recording sync interior and exterior perspectives using six mics: EXTERIOR: MKH8040 pair plus MKH8050
INTERIOR: MKH8020 pair inside the vehicle (or in the engine bay for bonnet impacts) plus a LOM Geofón to capture low frequency elements.



nuzic 256



▶ Four Tet – new album Three!



▶ Mount Kimbie – Empty And Silent (feat. King Krule)



▶ byetone // live



▶ Sleeparchive – Condensation






It seems I am on some kind of configuration campaign!
This fckng setting – WTF with the default?

I often have my M2 laptop near my crusty old iMac and today had the iMac batch processing recordings in ProTools, using the Defaulter plugin (auto level automation via clip gain,invaluable for dealing with 32bit audio) And it kept grabbing my laptops mouse!

For a bit I thought it was some unwanted feature of using two identical Logitech MX Anywhere mice, but no… Somehow its a default for my laptop. A default I would never want.





Detritus 734



▶ Secret World of Sound with David Attenborough S01E01



▶ Fascinating interview with Graham Wakefield
(author of Generating Sound and Organizing Time Book 1)



▶ NASA is sending a graphic score to Europa!

aliens: mmmm delicious waveforms



mighty purty sequencer!



▶ the AI grift continues…



▶ wow this work by Leonardo Ulian is incredible!!





▶ City made with Kandenko Conductive Yarn



▶ Daniel Eks car



▶ sorry, your dog is still rendering..





▶ I haven’t seen Dune 2 yet, so no spoilers… but lots of memes!










So I’m busy working & have my usual bunch of apps open – ProTools, RX, Scrivener, Email… And suddenly my Mac UI starts going slow like its about to crash…. WTF I have 64GB of RAM, it can’t be the apps… So I boot up Activity Monitor and WTF?

AvidLink, which I have zero use for, is using 96.6% of my Macs CPU!
I Force Quit it and my Mac becomes responsive again…
My next thought: can I delete AvidLink? What use is it?

“Avid Link is a free app for anyone looking to find, connect, and collaborate with other creatives,
promote your work, stream video, purchase and manage products—all in one interface”

No thanks.
But rather than delete it, for now I’ll follow this advice of how to stop it auto-launching
Stop Avid Link from starting at boot

This default of forcing us to have a cloud connection is so tedious, inefficient & tone deaf.
Maybe, just maybe we don’t fckng want banal notifications popping up while we concentrate on actual work!

Similarly the Adobe Creative Cloud app on my Mac keeps displaying a red warning.
Why? Because I deliberately have “Libraries Syncing” to their cloud disabled.
Because I have no use for it.

Stop Adobe Creative Cloud from starting at boot




Detritus 733



▶ Secret World of Sound with David Attenborough



▶ Rebecca Solnit: How to Comment on Social Media



▶ great thread re 440Hz tuning #history



Apple Orders ‘Neuromancer’ Series – don’t fck it up!!



▶ a fascinating listen:
Boomkat: Funeral Gongs Ceremonies in Ratanakiri, Cambodia



▶ Not from that album, but related



▶ lol





▶ Camera Drone Vs F1!



▶ Skippers Canyon Road by Drone
(I’ve always been too nervy to drive this road)







Rakaia Gorge

This is a view of the road into Rakaia Gorge, which leads into where that previous Planet Dust photo was taken.

It’s funny, there is a small town not far from here called WIND WHISTLE and for good reason. The West Coast gets pounded by Nor Westers, which dump all their rain on the West Coast and then dry warm gale-force winds blast through the back country and out on to the Canterbury Plains. As a kid I knew not to cause trouble during a Nor Wester as the dry conditions meant everyone has a short fuse!

But it also creates some beautiful cloud formations, know as the Nor West Arch….
This is an iPhone photo from back out on the plains:




Peketa, Kaikoura #longexposure last week…
I had to wait ages/keep shooting to get a shot without truck lights in shot.

The light trail in this shot is due to a wave almost catching me! I was on the waters edge and had to grab the tripod & camera & run, while the shutter was still open… I love shooting at night – planning to do a lot more of it.

Canon 5D3 + Zeiss 21mm ZE lens




Chertsey Book Barn

visited Chertsey Book Barn yesterday!
See that shuttered window above ‘THE BOOK BARN’ sign?

it took all my will power, to not climb up the ladder.. and perch there.

sanity prevailed

I did buy two excellent books though – guided by the lights…

nz$14 total