Sound of leather?

Question for #sounddesign hive mind

I’m working on the next HISSandaROAR library
and a byproduct of my main recording are some sheets of leather!
Do you have any sonic requests??

I plan to record flaps & moves and hits & drags…
But unlike recording a leather jacket, I can FSU!

Any suggestions?

As a sonic prop I think they are worth keeping,
old leather sounds better different to new leather




OS Nostalgia

If you are of a certain age, and used classic 68K Macs in your youth…
PSA: Nostalgia Trigger Warning!

Running Mac OS7 and OS8 in your browser is a thing!

Mihai Parparita’s Infinite Mac presents classic Apple operating systems (Mac OS 8, System 7) in the browser: “They boot instantly, are filled with useful programs, allow data import, export and persistence, and try to bring the best of the web to retrocomputing.”

Once OS7 booted, my first stop was the sound app folder… which was underwhelming
Second stop was graphics, ahhh my old friend Photoshop 3.0! And remember Kais Power Tools?

I am so ancient that not long after I finished Film School and moved to Auckland, I did a night class for a month or so, learning to use the amazing new app Photoshop – I think it was v1.07, it would have been 91-92…

But I gotta say, it felt really strange seeing OS7 boot up, in a web browser!

Now how to get Turbosynth installed…







Maybe a year ago a local area had a brilliant new walking path installed. Te Ara Piko Pathway follows around the edge of Pauatahanuiahanui Inlet, a large tidal estuary. It is a huge asset to everyone, as it is a safe cycle and walking path for people of every age, and Pauatahanui Inlet is home to many species of wildlife…

There is a PDF map for the walk here

This is the route:

Part of building of the path involved bridging swamp, and when it was being constructed I was intrigued to see how it as done… Turned out there was a machine specifically designed for this purpose:

I came across this photo from 2017, shot on XPAN2/TX2 with Fuji Acros 100… But for some reason I took two photos of it, slightly offset which means I can make a stereoscopic twitch gif!

Sorry its so crushed, I was trying to get filesize down…
Weird the embed seems a bit random…

I love twitchy stereoscopic gifs – here are some I made from archival photos:





Detritus 639



▶ Giant TB303’s first outing 2016 >> watch at Youtube



▶ Enjoyed this podcast i/v:
Electronically Yours with Martyn Ware – EP78: Tim Pope



Aerial Photos of Solar Farms



▶ a summary of the (covid safety) choices a US doctor is making



▶ “I brought my childhood imaginary friend back to life using A.I. (#GPT3) and it was one of the scariest and most transformative experiences of my life…” – a thread



▶ The KnobKraft Orm – The free modern cross-platform MIDI Sysex Librarian



▶ lol, who made this?



▶ Love Teenage Engineering… but this new mixer was not designed for bass player fingers!
Even ‘normal’ fingers seem Godzilla size… Have to wonder why such tiny scale was a design goal?
“Pass me a toothpick, I need to adjust the gain on ch4″





Detritus 638



▶ Happy Easter… Eggs?



▶ handy intro to M4L






▶ Ekspeak: “unlock the next wave of growth in the music economy….”
8 seconds at a time!? FCK OFF EK YOU PARASITE!!



▶ Weaponising music copyright!?!
Police blast Disney music to stop YouTuber from filming them in California, video shows


▶ More copyright trolls



punk basses?
(w t f an Ak47 bass!?)



Late stage capitalism/music industry machinations continue



▶ Awards have always been a conduit to finding interesting work, long before it reaches these shores… for film especially Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Baftas and the pre-selection contenders for Oscar foreign film… But for intermedia/digital work the same applies to ARS Electronica










I’m working on the score for a short film… and the hue/bottle gourds I bought ages ago to DIY a Poi Awhiowhio, might actually get some use! Just waiting on a windless evening to record them…




Detritus 637



▶ Nils Frahm demoes palm mute pedal



▶ I’ve been listening to Sound Characters by Maryanne Amacher and reading about her work via Monoskop. Ordered a copy of this book: Selected Writings and Interviews – Maryanne Amacher



▶ What are mushrooms discussing exactly?



▶ “I don’t think life is real unless some things are just for you. Things that should not or cannot be shared. I think the younger generation is going to have a hard time distinguishing whether something is for them or for others, and I think it could play out as a diminished sense of self. You really have to know what you would do if no else was watching.” – guess the artist?



▶ Did a 1912 NZ Newspaper Article Predict Global Warming? Snopes: YES!



cats being weird little guys



▶ A signed, hand drawn cartoon by Moose



▶ Why Russia is losing this war? fascinating analysis of dreadful conflict



▶ imagine if this was a new COVID variant: The Dancing Plague of 1518



▶ “His hearing became fantastically acute, allowing him to distinguish every sound in the room and seemingly from far beyond: a vast and distant hum, perhaps the vibration of the universe itself….. sounds were amplified into a cacophony that echoed through infinite space…” – guess how?
“Some subjects produced answers that were oblique but highly imaginative: one of the clinic patients answered ‘how do you feel?’ with ‘I feel like the sound of a harp’. Musical analogies emerged repeatedly, attempting to catch the aural effect of ringing harmonics that often accompanies the rush. Beddoes, emerging from a deep immersion, once shouted out the single word ‘Tones!’”



first gen drone: “Since 1903 Neubronner had been using pigeons to exchange prescriptions and urgent medications with a sanatorium a few miles from his home in Kronberg near Frankfurt. A pigeon lost during one of these flights had delighted Neubronner by returning to its dovecote four weeks later, safe and sound. The episode gave Neubronner the idea of creating lightweight, wearable cameras to record his couriers’ flights. He built several models which included a pneumatic timing mechanism to activate the shutter at set intervals, leather harness, and aluminium breastplate. Neubronner would take the pigeons up to 60 miles away before releasing them, knowing that they would want to take the most direct route home to unburden themselves. To increase the mobility of his fleet, he also built a horse-drawn dovecote with an attached darkroom.”



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