Detritus 603





“I think if we had the internet we might’ve found out about things sooner, but the ease would’ve made everything feel less special
Guess the artist?



▶ archiving memes!



▶ another Tim Ferris (music) blind spot: in recent conversation with Anne Lamott she mentioned Ennio Morriconne. Ferris: Who? Never heard of him. (previously, same for Brian Eno)
It seems the pursuit of excellence in some fields has left gaping blind spots in others



▶ Disinformation for Hire, a shadow industry is quietly booming



▶ #nocontext






Life goal achieved today: to see a murmuration!
Was out at Godley Head… I need to edit vid as shot lots but was on the end of a 400mm lens!
What species would they have been? I’ll find a close up – wing shape made me think of welcome swallow




Stereo Pipes



Messing with two sets of tuned pipes… overtones galore!
When I do eventually sample them, going to try using dual mono – playing the same note on both sets at the same time, but spaced & mic’d seperately…








Yesterday I was given this older parabolic dish & it came in this fantastic case…
Time to #normalise ostentatious baggage for #fieldrecording ?



The actual parabolic dish… Dan Gibson EPM Model P500

Apparently if you angle it at the sun just right, you can use it as a portable BBQ #not