At the front of my house, there has always been this bit of unused garden… It is well sheltered from the NW winds, but the soil is clay – useless to grow anything in… so the only things that grew there were weeds… Back before the holidays I decided to convert it into a Tamarillo garden.
This photo is from November 7th, 2021 after weeks of digging clay out in my spare time…

I’ve grown Tamarillos before – the first plant grew well, taller than me, but it never fruited and eventually the gale NW winds destroyed it. The next one I grew in my greenhouse and it’s now hitting the roof in there! But I discovered an interesting aspect purely by accident: I was attempting to move the big tamarillo plant and I snapped a branch off by mistake. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I put the branch in soil, kept watering it… And within a month it was happily growing! So I now have two large tamarillo plants in my greenhouse and they have flowered, and for the first time they have fruit on them!

I snapped another branch off, again by mistake, and planted it outside the greenhouse in a root bag… And it’s been growing well, so I decided it could go in the new garden spot, and I also went to the local plant store and got three other varieties of tamarillo, and along with many 20kg bags of compost, potting mix and peat, in they went!

This photo is from November 21st, two weeks later, with four tamarillo plants and lots of sunflowers planted…

And here they are Jan 6th 2022, with two weeks growth since the previous photo

Some of the sunflowers are giants, and they claim can grow up to 4.5 metres tall…
That one on the right is a contender, already six foot tall.
Another few months of summer will reveal all!



UPDATE Jan 17th
Sunflower on the very right is now over six foot tall!



UPDATE Jan 24th



Fruit on the one in my greenhouse…



UPDATE Feb 7th
Sunflower on right is now trying to break into my house!



UPDATE Feb 20th
I am waging war on green looper caterpillars!

I think of them as negative space caterpillars as they decimate big leaves in a visually interesting way! Will def make some cyanotype prints!





ableton LIVE shreds



A shred video is much more difficult for modular synths, because the line between reality and irony is less ‘clear’
More than a few times I’ve thought about shooting a synthfluencer type modular synth video, but when the go button is pressed the only sound from the massive patch is… the cute click trick from an MC202… for 3 hours!




Detritus 630



▶ Thanks for the shout out by 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!



▶ “In PROBES #32 we trace the history of some newly invented instruments, including the Chromelodion, the Boo, the Mazdaphone, the Quadrangulis Reversum, the Crystal Baschets, Harry Bertoia’s Sonambiente, the unearthly Daxophone and Arthur Harris’ Mother Lap Cello Harp, Whispering Harp and the14.5 metre viol, whose lowest strings are inaudible to the human ear.




▶ Beautiful architectural photos taken inside musical instruments by kiwi Charles Brooks who comps hundreds of photos shot with a snorkel cam.

Previously Romanian artist Adrian Borda did similar

ME: Lets not do a series of the interior of old synths and drum machines… too many stories of techs finding ‘evidential crumbs’



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▶ A tech insider skewers the metaverse, Web3’s utopian ‘propaganda’



▶ Listening to insects



▶ good discussion: Spotify And Rogan: How To Engage With Misinformation – Jon Stewart



▶ great idea: Noise Radar



▶ would love to see slow mo!





Detritus 629



▶ this feels like a Darknet Diaries podcast episode



▶ interesting interview with Si Bonobo – tasty looking studio!



▶ Haikyo/Urban explorers: careful what you find!



▶ Twitter follow: Threatening Music Notation



▶ The French Dispatch crew explains how it pulled off the movie’s quietly impossible tracking shot.



▶ “Social media has democratised fame and elevated banality. My sense is that this banality has driven the demand that influencers conform to a narrow definition of a “good person”. A squeaky-clean type with brand-friendly progressive views, who lists their privileges and performs plainly superficial gestures… Be warned: for influencers, social justice is no more than a branding device



▶ re the Hitpiece NFT scam, via Twitter
“I did a deep dive on the guy below, R*ry Felt*n, the co-founder of Hitpiece. I don’t think we totally know what we’re dealing with here, and I’m actually a little alarmed. A thread…



Ek: “If we want even a shot at achieving our BOLD AMBITIONS™ it will mean having content on Spotify that many of us may not be proud to be associated with,” he says. “Not anything goes, but there will be opinions, ideas, and beliefs that we disagree with strongly and even makes us ANGRY™ or SAD™.”

(Presumably Spotify have helpful ANGRY™ playlists and SAD™ playlists and BOLD™ playlists, ready for you as a data point.)

I think I’ll go back to not gaf about streaming.
There have to be other means of expression than ‘convenience’ being the dominant form.



▶ transformer explodes





Burned to the ground!



Wow – just heard the news: this beautiful old abandoned house in Wairarapa burned to the ground last night!

I visited it a few years ago, after seeing a photo and tracking down its location. I jumped the fence & shot a whole bunch of XPAN shots of it… then got my drone out… How sad that it is now gone! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

Similarly strange, after CHCH earthquake to discover some beautiful old buildings gone… but their ghosts still live in Google Street View until its next update!

Here is a google street view of this house



Ahiaruhe House, Wairarapa






Fujifilm TX2/XPAN2 with (1,2) Ilford SFX200 (3) Kodak Tmax100