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▶ Marlon Brando Explains why He SNUBBED the Academy Award For Best Actor Of THE GODFATHER



▶ Turkish garbage collectors open a library of rescued books



▶ Public libraries are: Palaces for the People!





▶ a Northern Lights Livestream!



▶ Totally agree with this tweet
Similarly why do youtube videos always seem to have a close up of some gormless human as their main visual promotion? What is it they are selling, their vanity?





▶ ‘Unlocked’ is the opening track on the Unsound ‘Intermission’ album, created by sound recordist Chris Watson.
In this video, Chris takes the audience on a guided walk through the places and techniques used to create the piece.
The ‘Unlocked’ track is composed from field recordings made by Chris during lockdown in May 2020. Beginning with the rediscovery of the sunrise soundtrack over his suburban garden in North-East England, the piece concludes on the basalt sea cliffs which form the natural defences of the 14th century Dunstanburgh Castle on the Northumberland coast.





nuzic 157



▶ Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra – Promises (Album Teaser)
wow, now that is an awesome collaboration project – release March 26th



▶ Vegpher – “I am” feat. Moskitoo



▶ Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Illusion of Time (Teodor Wolgers Rework)
Video by ix.shells​



▶ alva noto . Hadron Prototype . A L’ARME! Festival 2020





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▶ “Since 1977, Yoshiaki Sofue, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, has told anyone who would listen that the Milky Way’s “North Polar Spur” is an expanding shock wave from an ancient galactic calamity. Data published last month confirms that he is right!



▶ a chat with Jonathan Wolff – the guy who wrote the Seinfeld theme music – “You can chart the course of my TV Music career by that long trail of mushroom clouds and blast craters behind me. At each one of those disaster sites, I had to kiss a frog. Most of those frogs just exploded and failed to survive season one.”



▶ I like these sounds



▶ “I can’t imagine anything worse than having to hide your RAW files in case people see how much is post production.”



▶ Data Analysis Reveals Film Industry Age Bias & Blindspots



▶ Taiwan is using humor as a tool against coronavirus hoaxes



▶ A visual search engine



▶ How great is this: Guerrilla kindness:
Anonymous strangers spread messages of hope around Wānaka



▶ PSA: mute the silly overly dramatic music – it’s a drone in a submarine!



▶ motivating?



▶ PSA: Doom trigger warning: I Asked Bill Gates What’s The Next Crisis?
His answer: a new version of Windows lol





Taking requests



A request for #sounddesign hive mind: is there a glass sound FX that you don’t have & cannot find?

I’m into last 2 days of recording, after spending a month exploring glass.

My PT timeline of recordings has passed 15 hours, so obscure requests only please?

All the large & broken glass is in my record room, but the photo above is of the vessels I’ve collected up & recorded… incase it prompts ideas. Not breaking these ones as I have future IR plans for them….



Update: got some excellent suggestions via Twitter & FaeceBook
Maybe social media isn’t all bad?
But my PT Timeline has now passed 20 hours



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▶ This is an excellent demo of what great creature vocals contribute to films… Just try suspending your disbelief through this playlist of Orc scenes dubbed with “normal” human voices



▶ Sad to hear that Rupert Neve has died, aged 94.
What an incredible legacy he leaves…



▶ Is a whale a fish? A very strange criminal case about ayahuasca tea in Japan



▶ RPS Science Photographer of the Year winners and runners up announceddirect link to online exhibition



▶ “If our circuits started doing things that even remotely resembled conventional instruments we just tossed it out.” – guess the artist?



▶ Bells of Atlantis (Ian Hugo, 1952)
Electronic music by Louis & Bebe Barron



▶ Peter Cullen tells a few stories and does a brief voice demo



▶ Two lynx discussing impeachment/covid etc…













I recently joined NZ PhotoForum which is a “non-profit incorporated society dedicated to the promotion of photography as a means of communication and expression. To that end we publish independent critical writing, essays, news and archival material on this website. We also maintain a book publication programme, and organise occasional exhibitions, workshops and lectures, including the PhotoBook/NZ festival.”

Could not be better timing as when joining they provide a free copy of the book above:
EMANATIONS – The Art of the Cameraless Photograph by Geoffrey Batchen.

I had read a review of the book by a random on Amazon whining about how the book does not include step by step instructions, which is frankly a moronic opinion as first the book does not claim to be a tutorial and secondly the works in the book are incredible and the result of considerable research, experimentation and experience by the artists. The kind of profound and inspiring work that could not (& should not) be turned into a step by step tutorial!?!




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▶ Nobukazu Takemura Interview
no subtitles but there is a translation in the comments at YT



▶ Listen to the oldest known conch shell horn from 18,000 years ago



▶ new six part series by Adam Curtis!!



“You don’t have to be Picasso or Rembrandt to create something. The fun of it, the joy of creating, is way high above anything else to do with the art form.”
Chick Corea (RIP)



▶ First ever photo of New Zealand’s smallest bird in flight, Tītipounamu (Rifleman) – so tiny, they weigh just 6 grams!
Photo by K.V. Bigwood November 1951, Lake Ohau.



▶ Preserving the last analog motion graphics machine



▶ the scores of Toshi Ichiyanagi



▶ LIVE 11 gets a release date: Feb 23



▶ Why does choral music sound so good?
(recording aleatorical cues with a choir is one of the most amazing musical experiences I have ever had!)





Detritus 573





▶ “My favourite species of birds are the ones named by people who clearly hate birds…
(very funny twitter thread or via threadreader– thanks Michael)



▶ Cutouts of Japanese urban buildings



▶ SoundCloud to Let Fans Pay Artists Directly



▶ music journalism: write what you think, and pay the price?



▶ how nifty are these tiny mixers – released to match the Yamaha CS01



▶ fantastic sounds that visually seem very scary… until i read someone comment the location is near them and the ice is actually 2m thick & (reasonably?) safe (oh, actually a different vid, this one is 2018)





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▶ Radiotone X-Rays Synthesizer by Giorgio Sancristoforo
More info on the project here



▶ I try to not buy products that cannot be maintained & repaired, because quite frankly FCUK planned obsolescence!

So respect & thanks to Manfrotto for providing an efficient & easy means of ordering parts for everything they make, via dedicated website which has exploded diagrams of every product, making part identification and ordering easy.

I’ve used their services twice now – just got some reversible feet/spikes for my tripod – so if someone ever tries to rob me for my XPAN they might find themselves with three divots in their forehead!
me: You’ll need my tripod too!
me: Alrighty then… ahur!
5 minutes later…
me: FFS can you stop bleeding on my camera bag, I’ve called an ambulance




▶ rampant capitalism for good!



▶ Which is worse: driving while drunk or high or sleep deprived or txting?