Phasing saddles

Wow what a shocker!
A promo video for a new music product and the demo video is completely out of phase.
Have a listen – does the stereo image not seem completely unstable & all hollow sounding?

I’m not sure how someone can listen to this on studio speakers & not wonder WTF?
Soon as I noticed I panned my Mac LR outputs to C and the audio was then silent!
So it’s not just out of phase, it must be dual mono with one side inverted?

As a sanity check I downloaded the video & imported the audio into ProTools:



2 thoughts on “Phasing saddles

  1. Dan Powell

    I once bought an entire album that was like this, so I emailed the producer pointing out the error. He replied that he did it on purpose because it sounded “wider”.

    1. tim Post author

      oh Lordy, they know not what they do! Having worked in film/TV etc all my life, mono compatibility has always been a consideration and presenting something out of phase to the mix would deservedly result in some serious reprimand… or at least serious sarcasm/ridicule! Back in the day when mixing for Dolby Surround (LCRS) with encoded surrounds phase was an even bigger issue, as a phase issue in the front could ‘steer’ the pan of the surrounds…

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