Procrastination 0 Me 1

Ages ago – like maybe 6+ months – I got obsessed with the idea of an outdoor bath, started saving photos of set ups I found online etc… And I started stalking the local auction site and bought a good bath for very little ($20) and picked it up… But a week later a much better bath appeared, for similarly little cost. This one was much bigger, deeper so I bought it and figured I’d use bath #1 for a compost worm farm, and bath #2 for the outdoor bath…

Time passes..

Summer here at the moment is so hot, it’s almost better to sit outside at night for some cooler air. And I was sitting outside the other night & it was a clear sky, the stars looked amazing and I thought Dagnammit! Where is my outdoor bath!?

Step 1.
I found a tutorial online: how to frame a bath

Step 2. Measure the bath

Step 3. Buy the wood

Step 4: Assembly

Handily, the laundry in my house is in the back corner and has hot water. And there is also a storm water drain right outside the laundry window, so my initial plan is to simply run a hot water hose out the laundry window. I already have a cold water hose for watering the greenhouse etc…

I won’t connect up a drain yet as I haven’t decided on the final location for the bath, but also being summer I want to conserve water so I suspect I will just leave the water in the bath after each use, and then will use the water on the garden rather than flush it all down the drain.

Procrastination sucks, but it feels good to conquer it!

All going according to plan, I should test the bath late tonight…
Hopefully without any more trips to the hardware store.
I don’t have anything to cover the framing yet, but again want to beta test the bath before I go committing to position, look etc

Considering what a great asset it will be, it has been a cheap DIY project.
Bath cost nz$25, the treated wood, nails & bolts cost maybe nz$150
So under $200 total for something I will thoroughly enjoy every so often….
And even in winter will be fun to have a hot bath outside, like an onsen!



Update: it lives!

Conclusions of first test: HEAVENLY!!

Also: LOVING the lack of verb out there for recording!
Will definitely be devising some water FX to record





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