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When I was a boy I grew up in rural Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand & as I became aware of music I began to crave more than what was dished up on mainstream radio… FWIW I think the first cassette my brother brought home that really opened my ears was Talking Heads – Remain in Light, followed by Eno & Byrne – My Life In the Bush of Ghosts.. both albums I stil love to this day!
But radio back then was a dismal affair – once I moved to the city, student radio became my saviour & oddly it still is as far as radio goes. But at least now no one is locked into radio for purely geographic reasons, thanks to broadband & streaming audio.
So no matter where you live, heres my favourite radio shows,
check them out (all times are NZ local time ie GMT+12 hours)

Tuesday 9pm – 12pm

Radio Active DEEP
Tuesday 11pm – 1 am

Radio Active THE SESSION
Thursday 9pm – 11pm

Sunday 9pm – 11pm

BBC Giles Peterson WORLDWIDE
Thursday 2am – 4am
Radio Active used to replay this locally alas no longer
but the BBC make their shows available to stream for
a week after the initial broadcast…. God bless ’em!

tune in etc etc…

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