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Ok I’ve had 21 people register interest so far, & so I dont end up with too many applications to read, I’ll set a cut off date of the end of the month ie 30th June, after which point you will have to wait until next year.

It’s been interesting doing research on the mentor concept & one thing a few people have said to me is: “do you even have enough free time to be doing it?” but the same people say the same thing about having a blog (‘how do you find the time?’) and the answer is simple: I make the time by establishing a suitable modus operandi. So I figure I’ll outline a bit more as to what I plan as a virtual mentor & I’d appreciate peoples comments & suggestions as to what you see as the most valuable…

First, the time factor: there are most definitely times when I simply cannot be available. This is usually during mixes, but even then holding a conversation via email (as time allows) solves that one, and it is why I actually feel fine about offering virtual mentoring. And in many ways it is no different to working in the same building; there are times I do not want to be disturbed & it is not difficult to establish when those are. As with making phone calls, anyones first question should always be: ‘do you have a minute to talk now or should I call back when it suits later?’

Second, the content: some of the ideas I have for an intern will also spin off into this blog. One example is that I will make a list of films that the intern must watch (eg one a week or every 2 weeks) and then I’ll discuss each film with them; the mix, the style, specific moments & scenes, the role of dialogue, ADR, loop group, score, source music, ambiences, foley & sound effects. But when I mentioned doing this to a few friends, they were also keen for this to happen on my blog so they could participate & that makes good sense. Depending on the film in question I would like to involve the people who actually worked on the film, but I’ll have to see how that pans out. Of course I’ll have to insure we are all watching the same version of the film, so if I point out something that occurs at then its possible to easily find & consider the relevant material.

But primarily the ideas I will work through with an intern will be the same that I go through on every project, starting with reading & assessing a script from a sound perspective. Then getting a feel for planning sound post for a project & working out mission critical priorities. Then working through all the roles & elements that go into a soundtrack, since even if you are say foley editor on a project you must know how a dialogue editor works. Then I imagine getting into specifics of recording & editing ambiences & sound effects and delivering these to a temp mix and/or predubs. Then working through predubs, final mix, screenings, fixes, late VFX & deliveries, from a sound editors perspective. But I will also discuss with them other important career issues such as cvs, show reel, IMDB, pitching for work etc…

Depending on the specific person we can use either projects they have access to, or I can provide example work for them to consider & practice on. But seeing as it is remote mentoring the ideal applicant will be doing their own projects over the course of the year, in which case I can provide specific help or advice as practical situations arise, via email, ichat, skype & ftp…

Its going to be interesting – I’m still working on the questions for the applicants but to those 21 who have registered, if you want to start doing some homework, I’ll paste a few questions below that will definitely be in the application – just dont send me answers yet, save them for your submission. For anyone else, you have 3 days left to register!

> Registration is now closed!

Ok, question # X: “I believe that if you are going to work in the film industry you need to have a love & knowledge of film, as your own personal reference points as much as entertainment, so please tell me your:

– the first film you ever saw

– the last film you saw

– your 5 favourite films

– your 5 favourite films for sound

– your 5 favourite films for music

4 thoughts on “re: The Virtual Intern – update 1

  1. pete whitfield

    You have just modelled education 2.0 I think Tim! Formal education is struggling to find its place in this super connected, open world and music professionals who share their practice as you are doing will become central in that very old fashioned concept of handing down experience (and opprotunities) to a new generation. Have you made any tutorial type videos? (I’ve not had a proper noodle round your site yet).

  2. Cormac

    top 5 films – just when you think you’ve got it nailed down something else pops into your head. And that goes double for sound. Tough questions Tim, but fun as well, cheers

  3. admin Post author

    re: making tutorial videos, I have only done a few – the main problem being that they take a considerable amount of time. A comparison would be that it takes me between 10 minutes & an hour to research & write most blog posts whereas a tutorial takes me 3-4 hours to make, since it involves preparing material, doing screen captures, editing video & often resyncing audio…. That doesn’t mean I don’t/won’t do it, but I can only do it as time allows…
    I am slowly tagging all the posts in the archive (something i should have done as I wrote them!) but have a look through here, I tend to name the tutorials SD101 etc

    re: top 5 films; it definitely involves some thought!
    a top 20 would be far easier 🙂

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