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Speck Electronics SSM-24, SSMex-Mono, SSMex-Stereo, EQ16

We are selling the original and unique analog mixing console from Moritz von Oswald.
A lot of legendary productions like Basic Channel, Maurizio, Rhythm & Sound,
Recomposed and many many more were produced on this mixing console.
The quality of all of these productions speaks for itself.
on eBay HERE – EUR 17.500,00
(yikes, almost hit the BUY NOW button while copying text 😉

The mixing console has some expansions (equalizer modules,
external Input functionality) to fit the need of Moritz von Oswald…

Equalizer Expansion (Speck Model EQ16):
Additional to the built-in EQ section of each mixer module you have an extra EQ module
with 16 three-band equalizers which can be flexibly inserted on each channel.

wiring using stage boxes:
Five high quality handmade stage-boxes expand the plugin flexibility for outboard equipment.
With convenient mulit-core cabling technology you can place stage boxes next to your sound generator
racks and have a very flexible connection method using Neutrik patch bays between mixer inputs
and synth output.





ps interesting to see the channel labels on that desk

TC2290 Delay
EMT246 Verb


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