reblog – CAT VOCALS

repost from 2012:

“I stumbled across this recording in my library today & realised I hadn’t heard it in years – the creation date of the file is 4 October 1998, although that would be when I transferred the DAT so the recording would have been a week or so earlier….

My strongest memory of this recording was my inability to identify WTF was I hearing!?! I remember sitting in the lounge in this house in Melrose, Wellington and suddenly noticing it and thinking WTF was it? It sounded like two babies crying, but their wails kept rising and falling in unison… I snuck towards the location of the sound – the backyard – and realised what it was, crept back to my room, grabbed my trusty DAT recorder and 416 mic, hit record and silently crept out the back door, getting as close as I could without disturbing the drama..”

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