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The interweb is all about sharing, so heres a rant about music ie some albums that i have recently been wearing out… its a funny thing, moving locations, because the first thing I wanted/HAD to do was establish a decent listening environment at my new location. No surprises there I guess, but first to be moved was my little spare genelecs (‘spare’ cos i am not a fan) plus a mixer & my ipod… so now when i am at the new place i can at least listen to music, relatively properly ie still pending acoustic tuning but most of the frequencies are there to be enjoyed…. & a note for the kids, by ‘wearing out’ i mean this like old school, you know? not that any of you have ever done this but there are people (me included) who bought records that they loved to the point of obsessing & thereby finding a few bars they could beat juggle, and beat juggle they did, to the point of making 2 bars of the song (on vinyl) kind of muffled… if you’ve been there you know what i mean, if you havent, skip it (on your ipod or metaphorically – whichever is more convenient)

Back to the music: i source my new tunes from a a bunch of places, most of them legit… but it is a 21st century quandry (well apart from radio & ‘home taping’) that I only discover some music through illegitimate means, but then fall in love with, search & search & search & search… and then discover that I simply cannot buy it online as a download… so I order the CD, wait 3 weeks, the CD arrives in my POBox, i admire the CD artwork…. but never actually open the CD case or even remove the shrinkwrap because I already have the music, I already love it… moral of the story: YES! these are transitionary times & staying on the high moral ground is often self defeating, because some people are stuck in another time & place….. C’est la vie…

Anyway heres the tunes that have been on recent repeat listen here in my new space…. and there in my old:

SHED – Shedding the past
its techno jim, but it is as listenable & inspiring as it is ignorable…
check tracks: 5, 6, 10 (& 7 for a lecture in the ‘why’) here

hypnotic textures & pulses….
check tracks: 1, 3, 5 here

BVDUB – Return to Tonglu
check tracks: 1 + 4 here

more space, more dub, less step
check track: 1 here

PIERRE BASTIEN – Visions of Doing
(caught a gig of his kinetic meccano music machines in auckland a year or two ago…)
check tracks: 1, 7 here

AUS – sonorapid
japanese melodic glitch
check tracks: 3, 8, 9 here

i love jaki liebetz – burnt friedman needs a cleverness bypass
check tracks: 4, 7 here

TAPE – luminarium
i totally love tracks: 1, 2, 9 here

BEAT PHARMACY: wikid times
check tracks: 3, 4, 8 here

LULLATONE – The bedtime beat
kawai overdose!
check tracks: 2, 5, 9, 10 here

Moral of the story? Much respect to boomkat for being more relevant to me than itunes, bleep, emusic, blogs, torrents & sadly, my local record shop – I gave up getting excited about buying new records locally years ago. I think it was a case of hearing one too many times: ‘never heard of it, its not in our database, maybe we can get it in 4-6 weeks…’ Ahhhhhhh thanks but dont bother…. But if you find yourself unemployed sometime in the near future please put it down to a case of being superceded, as opposed to incompetence…. maybe?

Note: incase you dont read the comments, John just reminded me of a great service boomkat provide, namely selecting/recommending tracks in a given genre/style via their 14tracks site…. subscribe to the 14tracks newsletter here

2 thoughts on “recent joy to my ears….

  1. John Pallister

    Thanks for the selection, I’ll check them out. I agree boomkat is/are the business. But what’s really worked for me is, where they (I assume it’s the same boomkat guys) select 14 tracks of some genre and then sell them all to you via boomkat at a discount. That’s what I’m prepared to pay for these days; that editorial/curatorial thing.

    The only CDs I buy any more are of Wellington/NZ music.

  2. tim

    I agree the 14 tracks thing works very well & even when you know the chosen genre well, it can help uncover other good music… my only complaint about it is how the files have to be downloaded one at a time!?! In comaprison bleep offer a ‘download zip file of all tracks’ which is a much better idea..

    funny eh – i cant think of the last NZ album i bought – maybe it was latest Recloose album which has a couple of fantastic tracks… or a Fat Freddys single…
    sadly there is not much non-dance electronic music being produced in NZ at the moment…

    FWIW anyone looking to source NZ music, the two best options:

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