RIP Bowie

updated, fascinating to hear the solo’d vocal tracks!

updated, William S Burroughs interviews Bowie (thanks Chris)

On March 20, 1979 David Bowie took over England’s biggest radio station, BBC Radio 1, for two hours to play some of his favorite songs at the time on a show called Star Special….

David Bowie Star Special Tracklist:

The Doors: “Love Street”
Iggy Pop: “TV Eye”
John Lennon: “Remember”
? & The Mysterians: “96 Tears”
Edward Elgar: “The Nursery Suite” (extract)
Danny Kaye: “Inchworm”
Philip Glass: “Trial Prison”
The Velvet Underground: “Sweet Jane”
Mars: “Helen Fordsdale”
Little Richard: “He’s My Star”
King Crimson: “21st Century Schizoid Man”
Talking Heads: “Warning Sign”
Jeff Beck: “Beck’s Bolero”
Ronnie Spector: “Try Some: Buy Some”
Marc Bolan: “20th Century Boy”
The Mekons: “Where Were You?”
Steve Forbert: “Big City Cat”
The Rolling Stones: “We Love You”
Roxy Music: “2HB”
Bruce Springsteen: “It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City”
Stevie Wonder: “Fingertips”
Blondie: “Rip Her To Shreds”
Bob Seger: “Beautiful Loser”
David Bowie: “Boys Keep Swinging”
David Bowie: “Yassassin”
Talking Heads: “Book I Read”
Roxy Music: “For Your Pleasure”
King Curtis: “Something On Your Mind”
The Staple Singers: “Lies”

the following is a repost from his 65th birthday…

Did he have any influence on you? If not, skip this post…. But if so name your two most influential iconic songs…. Here are my two:


Bowie (apparently) playing koto? Combined with Enos chordal drones & that tearing jet synth sound…



And I’ve ranted about the piano by Mike Garson in this song before – f.c.k.n.g_._g.e.n.i.u.s!




Lastly, ten creative lessons from Bowie in Berlin and I would add #11 spend some time in Berlin! I’d also suggest you check out this great photo – the comment nails it: “£10 says Bowie doesn’t remember this”



Fripp, Eno & Bowie in Berlin

“For whatever reason, for whatever confluence of circumstances, Tony, Brian and I created a powerful, anguished, sometimes euphoric language of sounds. In some ways, sadly, they really captured, unlike anything else in that time, a sense of yearning for a future that we all knew would never come to pass. It is some of the best work that the three of us have ever done. Nothing else sounded like those albums. Nothing else came close. If I never made another album, it really wouldn’t matter now. My complete being is within those three. They are my DNA.”



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