Rubens Tube: the ULTIMATE audio vizualiser!

Rubens Tube – it rolls off the tongue sounding like a Rubicks Cube but it isnt related at all (although if you want to see film director Michel Gondry solve a Rubiks Cube in under one minute using ONLY his nose, scroll down to the bottom of this post) Meanwhile heres the background to the Rubens Tube and a very good technical explanantion but best you just let this hairy-physics-lecturer type dude explain & demonstrate it (hint: in comparison it makes iTunes vizualiser look about as interesting as your microwave set to low)

And a flute player (flauntist?) jamming with the flames

Flames plus jazz?

Anyway, go Michel!
(by the way, if you havent seen his film The Science of Sleep you are in for a treat!!!)

The Science of Sleep trailer (this film is SO good – go watch it already!!!!)

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