Samoa Field Recording: Flying Fox

The Samoan Flying Fox (Pteropus samoensis) is a kind of nocturnal bat, found only in Samoa & Fiji. They feed primarily on fruit and have a wing span up to 3 feet. But it seems they are more often heard than seen. Last time I stayed at Lucias Lagoon in Savaii, Samoa I heard them in the distance but due to the loud music from a nearby bar I never got to record them properly. This time I stayed up late and wandered around until I found the tree they were in and then recorded until I got too tired and sleepy to continue…. I had a pretty powerful LED torch with me but would only catch glimpses of them as they flew around the top of a very tall tree….But it was the sound I was after….


photo cc credit


photo cc credit


Recorded with Sound Devices 722 recorder and a pair of Sennheiser MKH70 shotgun mics.


11 thoughts on “Samoa Field Recording: Flying Fox

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    1. tim Post author

      They were about 10-15m up in trees & it was about 2am…. When I pointed my torch at them it would annoy them & they would fly around a bit, but they stuck to the same trees ie they weren’t flying far….

  3. John

    Also, why do you say “Flying Foxes are a kind of nocturnal bat, found only in Samoa & Fiji”. We have a huge problem with them here in Australia

    1. tim Post author

      thanks for pointing that out – I have corrected it above, was referring to Pteropus Samoensis

  4. Lara

    This was pretty cool, but I couldn’t get the soundcloud file to play right. It kept freezing after each second and forcing me to hit play again. I think I missed most of the effect as a result. 🙁

    1. tim Post author

      plays fine for me, so it must be either your web browser, internet connection or computer… Did you try following the link to soundcloud & play it on their website?

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