sashimi as a metaphor

I am seriously hanging out to see David Lynch’s new film Inland Empire and for now have to make do with some youtube teasers

The official trailer:

The italian trailer:

The second official trailer:

And a short clip about Angelo Badalamenti – I never realised he acted in Mulholland Drive! I’m a big fan of his film scores & this clip is worth watching just to see him play a bit of the score to Mulholland Drive on the piano…

FWIW I also recently bought a book Mr Lynch has just released, which I can highly reccomend if you are interested in the creative process – his and your own. Its called ‘Catching The Big Fish – Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity’ and it is one of those books that you could easily skim read in a few hours, but the impact of a single paragraph may well take weeks to process.

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