Scattered Light

FWIW this is start of an ongoing series… Two things sparked it, first was finding that Dendentown version of the Hokusai painting for the last Detritus post – I knew I had taken that photo but despite having all my 121,766 photos cataloged in Portfolio (like SoundMiner for images) I was damned if I could find it… I probably spent an hour or three hunting, the byproduct of that search was revisiting all those photos I have taken… And as the saying goes “don’t die with your music still in you” – the same could be said of photos… The other constant inspiration is a couple of visual blogs that rapidly accumulate in my RSS Reader, specifically This Isn’t Happiness and Yimmy Yayo™ or when I am really in need of a visual overdose fffffound

2 thoughts on “Scattered Light

    1. tim Post author

      it scanned some audio files and uicktimes that were in my photos archive, but you cant audition them inside Portfolio so its not much use for sound really….

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