Secret Plans




this is…

1. silly
2. a prototype lightweight mobile low frequency detector
3. a spatial array prototype
4. what happens when you drink beer in your backyard
4. a 5G death ray
5. “my neighbour gets free WIFI!”
6. less interesting than why a clod of dirt has googly eyes
7. somehow related to buckminster fuller
8. so lame…. why aren’t there two!?
9. a filing cabinet?
10. goto 10
11. so fake
12. plastic
13. made by Telinga?
14. vc funded
15. edible





One thought on “Secret Plans

  1. Jammy Carcass-Lament

    I thought it might be a dark matter harnessing buckydome constructed by a hive mind of belligerent tiger worms who have completed their dark tower of babel and are now focused on entering low earth orbit to harness Starlink and install worm-in-the-middle quantum attack filters which grant them full control of the global internet and get themselves on the payload schedule for the first Mars missions so when Elon arrives he will step onto a freshly vermiformed planet of compost. Hang on googly eyes? ◉_◉

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