Shelly Bay

For anyone not local, Shelly Bay is an area on Miramar Peninsula which has been hotly contested for many years as to who and how it should be developed. It had an old wharf with some industrial buildings and the area also had half a dozen old buildings, some dating back to WW2. Anyway, Peter Jackson bought it to stop a $500 million housing development… He has a home on Miramar Peninsula and all of his film facilities (Park Road Post, Weta, Sound Stages etc) are all in Miramar, so he very much has a vested interest. I actually expected him to announce a Film Theme Park or something for Shelly Bay, but it seems they want to preserve it… “Peter and Fran hope the remainder of the peninsula becomes the long-promised public reserve.”

Anyway I hadn’t been over that part of Wellington for a while and was in town the other day & needed to finish a roll of film in my XPAN so I could drop them to SPLENDID lab, so I drove around to Shelly Bay & was quite surprised at the developments. The old wharf is still hanging on… but only just, its fairly dilapidated. But the old industrial buildings were all gone, as were most of the other buildings. The only thing remaining seemed to be the Chocolate Fish Cafe and one other building which looks prepped for demolition. Everywhere else was… wooden fences! Like they have enclosed all of the land with a 6 foot high wooden fence. It looks pretty terrible but I guess is necessary for safety, with all the development work that will be going on there for years to come…

Vaguely related, I saw this image on Instagram by some Korean photographers and thought wow!!

I notice when shooting with my drone, how you only need to fly a few metres up & the perspective shift is so huge… So for a long time I’ve dreamed of a way to elevate my XPAN and maybe one of these tall tripods with a stepladder is the way!

I do like Ansel Adams solution though:




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