Short term pain for long term gain

I have profound admiration for the parents of any child learning violin (or any instrument requiring manual intonation) – rewards are life long but the early days/weeks/months of practice must be tough…

Photo credit:
[Edgar Richard Williams?] playing a violin, location unidentified. Williams, Edgar Richard, 1891-1983: Negatives, lantern slides, stereographs, colour transparencies, monochrome prints, photographic ephemera. Ref: 1/4-054923-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/30654782

How adorable is this version of 2001 theme – often miscredited to a ‘child orchestra’ – was actually a real ’normal’ orchestra, but everyone tried swapping instruments…

And another version by Portsmouth Sinfonia, with swapped instruments

Incredible professionalism to perform like this & not burst out laughing!




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