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amo, amas, amat… I studied (and I use the term loosely) latin for two years at high school & all I can remember is how to conjugate the verb, but its cinema that I love and here is a brief list of six films that I love dearly and which have profoundly influenced me…

Wings of Desire (1987) by Wim Wenders started it for me in many ways – it was the late 80s & I was at university studying a subject I didnt actually enjoy, let alone wish to pursue as a career & a good friend of mine who was taking german film studies suggested I skip my lectures & come see this film… & thank god I did! It was like someone switched on a light – until that point my idea of film was entirely Hollywood based & I will be eternally grateful that fate lead me to this film. I watched it again recently & it effected me as powerfully as the first viewing… it was also truly resonant to last year visit Berlin for the first time & stumble across locations from the film. Here is a link to the official site and an unofficial site plus a link where you can buy a copy on dvd and the trailer:

Next was Down By Law (1986) by Jim Jarmusch It was about the same time & I totally fell for the pacing, fantastic score by John Lurie & charismatic performances by Tom Waits, John Lurie & Roberto Benigni. Buy a copy on dvd here. or watch the trailer:

Wreckmeister Harmonies (2000) by Bela Tarr was a much more recent discovery, as in this year & thanks to an interview with Gus Van Sant or I may never have discovered the genius of Bela Tarr, master of the long take & truly balletic cinematography.Interview here or buy a copy on dvd here or watch the trailer:

Amelie (2001) by Jean-Pierre Jeunet wasn’t the first film by this brilliant french director that I had seen – i loved Delicatessan & even more so City of Lost Children, but Amelie (& Audrey Tatou) has a charm all her own – it made me want to visit Paris tomorrow… dvd available hereor watch the trailer:

3 Iron (2004) by Kim Ki Duk intrigued the hell out of me via the description in the film festival guidebook: ‘a film with only six lines of dialogue & yet a crystal clear story’ This film is pure genius and it has led me on to discover & thoroughly enjoy many of the Korean directors other films, in particular Spring, Summer Autumn, Winter and Spring Again. Buy a copy of 3 Iron on dvd here or watch the trailer:

And lastly Tony Takitani (2004) by Jun Ichikawa
While researching my first trip to Japan a few years back I googled contemporary Japanese fiction & discovered the truly amazing writer Haruki Murakami and have since proceeded to read & enjoy every book he has ever written. Tony Takitani is a short story of his & represents the only work that he has ever allowed to be adapted for the silver screen. And what a film it is! With a fantastic minimalist piano score by Ryuichi Sakamoto this film is incredibly moving & a true expression of the elusive power of cinema. There is an interview with Murakami here, reviews, excerpts & an audio interview and the dvd is available here or watch the trailer:

There is a common thread to these six films, and its about the human condition… and its sad but true that thirty seconds emotionally engaging with any of these is worth more than $200 million of the cold hearted visual effects/action driven inanities marketed by Hollywood as this seasons next block buster wannabe… but hey thats just my humble opinion, to each their own! But if you are reading this & agree or disagree, please do reccomend me a film or six?

2 thoughts on “SIX FILMS I LOVE

  1. Christian Biegai


    Wim Wenders passed by me last yesterday on an old bike up the a hill on Kastanienalle. You should have been there!

    It just took me 6 months to look up your blog again. I guess that is pretty good, right?

    Very nice list you got there!

    Here comes mine

    1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    2. Shadow of the Vampire
    (most amazing orchestral crescendo at the opening titles)
    3. The Hunger
    4. Wonderland (Directed by Michael Winterbottom)
    5. Vertigo
    6. The Life Aquatic or The Royal Tennenbaums or Darjeeling Limited (just put Paul Wes Anderson in that spot)

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