Well to be honest this short film is actually called ‘One Apartment and Six Drummers’ but in all reality (well reality as I know it) it could equally be called ‘One Apartment and Six Foley Artists” but hey, who can blame them for the taking the path more likely understood by the audience? Either way its a genius piece of film making….

But before you push play, one word of advice – unless you are young & require instant gratification I would advise against watching it on youtube – I have a theory everything on youtube is 2 – 6 frames out of sync and in this case it makes a mockery of the painstaking work that went into making this film (& its true of ALL film if you ask me, but millions of people watch cable TV out of sync every day so who am I to complain, right?) Anyway if you would like to experience it as the film makers intended please go to one of my favourite short film blogs No fat clips!!! and download a proper in-sync copy for yourself You owe it to your senses!

And believe you me; brushing your teeth will never be the same again, let alone walking the dog….

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