What is it that you guys do for a living exactly?

And what have you got against that pumpkin???

4 thoughts on “So….

  1. Infeduliator

    Understanding the Earthling 1.01

    1.a; The Sandpit

    Sandpit play is always part of the male human’s life, but as he grows, his games become less complex. Buckets and spades are rejected in favour of fluffy sticks. Toy trucks are discarded and replaced by vegetables.

    1.b; The Sandpit Fight

    Most sandpit games end in conflict. The humans pictured here tore each other to pieces shortly after the picture was taken.

  2. Danijel

    The first thing I notice about this pic is that there’s four men against a single pumpkin, as if workforce is less expensive than mic stands in NZ 🙂

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