Sonic Couture Lithophone

Sonic Couture have just relaunched their site & released a new sample library of the oldest lithophone: “The Skiddaw Stones are probably the most unusual and certainly the oldest instrument that Soniccouture has sampled. A Lithophone ( litho = stone, phone= voice ) dating from 1840, The Skiddaw Stones are composed of 61 tuned and shaped rocks, made from the rare hornfels stone, found in Cumbria, England. Hornfels is said to have a superior tone and longer ring than the more commonly used slate.
The Stones currently reside at the Keswick Museum , who very kindly agreed to let us take them off-site, to a studio for the recording. As the stones are insured for £350 000, this was no casual undertaking. Every stone was carefully wrapped and packed in custom made flight-cases for transportation. Once at the studio, two different sets of mallets were used to laboriously capture large sets of velocity hits, then an extra articulation was recorded – the sound of the head of the wooden mallet being scraped across the stone surface – a surprisingly haunting and resonant sound.”

Check out the demoes at the new Sonic Couture site, plus if you register you gain access to two free sample sets plus a set of kontakt script tutorial videos:

I also discovered when I logged into my account, that buying the full product sample sets also gives you access to the compact versions & the ableton LIVE sample sets, which is damn handy – thanks Sonic Couture, I am downloading the gamelan set for LIVE now…

6 thoughts on “Sonic Couture Lithophone

  1. James

    I love this sound! If you’ve ever seen Heima by Sigur Ros, it shows them actually making one of these from rocks they found. Really cool. Do the samples come dry? Is there a way to control the amount of verb?

  2. tim Post author

    Will let you know, its downloading now 1.67GB!
    Plus as a subscriber I got a 2 for the price of one deal, so picked up Konkrete 2 too!

  3. tim

    will be this evening before I can have a play with the new library – left it downloading at home…. & yes i have the kalimba library (along with a few real ones) but thanks for the offer…

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