Sound Effects for DUNE

I rescanned the article from an old issue of American Cinematographer (1984 I think)
which has an inspiring article about Alan Splet & Anne Krobers work on Dune… and was the first time I became aware of using a contact mic!

The article is here

7 thoughts on “Sound Effects for DUNE

  1. Dirk

    I’ve just finished an Essay on the Sound Design of Dune. Sadly you uploaded it to late to get know of the text befor I finished the Essay.

    but Thanks I will read it now 🙂

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  3. Ann Kroeber

    Thank you so much for publishing this! I forgot about that article. It sure did bring back memories.
    A few years ago I heard this amazing concert that the Kronos Quartet did called “Sun Rings”. In it they played along to sounds that NASA has been recording for years of space probes going out as far as Neptune. (NASA devised a way of capturing sound in space) What blew me away was hearing that the space sounds we conceived in Dune and sounds heard while capturing the inner sounds of things with the FRAP was VERY similar to what space actually sounds like! I actually cried. That saying “as above so below” was transcendent to me.

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