great sound/foggy video

I mean foggy video in a good/interesting way! Tomorrow I am going to go check out an installation at the ICC Gallery in Shinjuku, Tokyo featuring the work of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Shiro Takatani… The project is called LIFE and features “a grid of 3 x 3 acrylic aquariums, 30cm high and 1.2m square are hung, in a darkened room. Each carries a thin film of water inside. Each has speakers affixed at both ends. Inside of each a fog is artificially created using ultrasonic waves, percolating fluid patterns which hover between transparency and opacity. Imagery transmitted down into these tanks from projectors attached above them–at times synchronizing all aquariums, at times decoupled and seemingly autonomous–shines down through this screen of kinetic patterns woven of water and fog, connecting the imagery while ceaselessly melting, floating endlessly between flows of meaning and meaninglessness, the concrete and the abstract.”

“I wanted to distance myself from the curse of time.” (SAKAMOTO)
“I wanted the imagery to project completely free of control.” (TAKATANI)

Both are intriguing statements on the release of ultimate control of their respective mediums and based on the video clips from a previous iteration, these statements are also indicative of the ultimate form of appreciation – you must be there to experience it. My perceptions will savour the experience!

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