Sound Library App Metadata Support

Ok I am contacting the following companies to enquire as to their applications metadata support…
I am just publishing this list now so you can tell me if I have missed anyone out?



Library Monkey





Twisted Wave

Any other applications that specifically work with sound effects libraries and metadata?

My primary questions are:

How does your application handle metadata?

– does it read iXML?
– does it write iXML?
– does it read BEXT?
– does it write BEXT?
– do you use your own custom metadata?
– what fields of custom metadata do you support?
– can your custom metadata be read by other programs?
– can your custom metadata be exported for use in other programs?

2 thoughts on “Sound Library App Metadata Support

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  2. Panagiotis Kouvelis

    Hi there!

    Nice idea, I’m using MetadataTouch from Digital Confidence on my royalty-free libraries, after 2 months of testing in both platforms (win, osx) I found out to be the most compatible from all the rest when it comes to metadata in broadcast wave and wave files.

    The price is right and its only metadata editing so I can implement it in my workflow with other librarians, etc…

    So you could probably contact them also.



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