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After all my posts about metadata and sound library apps a couple of people suggested the idea of approaching the developers of SoundMiner to see if a group buy discount might be possible, so I contacted Steve at SoundMiner and asked. I already own SoundMiner Pro and use it constantly at my work studio, but I really need SoundMiner at home, so I have a vested interest too!
His reply: “10% discount for 10 people, 20% discount for 50 people”
So what do you think? Can we do a simple show of hands and see if this is worth pursuing?

Soundminer V4pro US$899: 10% discount US$809, 20% discount US$719
Soundminer V4 Standard US$599: 10% discount US$539, 20% discount US$479

Also note, this potential discount applies to the imminent new SoundMiner HD

Soundminer HD US$199: 10% discount US$179, 20% discount US$159
Soundminer HD Plus US$399: 10% discount US$359, 20% discount US$319

Please read this to see the feature set for SoundMiner HD

We’d really need to hit the 50 person mark to make it significant, so please add a comment if you would be in – no total commitment at this stage, just to see if its possible. SoundMiner HD is 4-6 weeks away so lets see what support there is for this idea over the next month….

More info on the various SoundMiner versions here

And spectral search looks interesting

NOTE: this group buy is for new licenses, not upgrades!

GROUP BUY is now CLOSED, thanks everyone!

81 thoughts on “SoundMiner Group Buy

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  2. Rodney Gates

    I’d definitely be interested in Soundminer HD Plus for home, plus an additional V4 Pro license or two for work.

    1. tim Post author

      Hey David
      Request a 30 day demo of the version you want to buy, the SoundMiner folk are very helpful in that respect!

      1. David V

        I did, in fact i need it from this monday and will run the demo this month. So i’ll need to buy before the end of the demo (which i guess i could extend a bit if asked nicely).

        You’re right, Steve is really reactive ! I was impressed. In fact we talked yesterday and i asked him about the HD released date but the programming guys weren’t sure yet.

  3. Sygor

    I’m definitely interested in the HD. Of course I don’t have any money at the moment but maybe by the time HD actually gets released I can be ‘in’.

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  6. Matt S

    I’d be in for an HD (or Plus) upgrade. I’m Soundminer V4 PRO at the mo, so I guess I’d be Plus?

  7. Matt S

    Ha – and NOW that I’ve read what SM HD (and plus) is about…. I’m not interested. Talk about marketing gone awry…. I assumed HD would be an improvement over Soundminer V4 Pro…. But it appears we’ve been better than HD for some time now – is that 3D 1080p or something? uncompressed 96K.

    We need upgraded acronyms.

    1. tim Post author

      if you are comparing to the visual HD equivalent, HD is not the top level of anything visually it would be:

      SD/DV -> HD -> 2k -> 4k -> 35mm -> 70mm

      or something…

  8. Enos Desjardins

    I can’t commit right yet as I’m setting up my edit suite at the moment. But if I manage to finance some of my purchases I would have the money to pay for SM HD+ and would definitely be interested.I’ll post when I know!

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  11. Nick Meade

    Put me down as a maybe for:
    1 V4 license
    1 Mini-Miner to V4 Pro upgrade. I am hoping since this upgrade costs $700 that it will qualify for the discount.