Soundstills: “I move sound. Noise from one location is manifest elsewhere, and in another dimension. I turn sound into 3 dimensional objects which appear to be flat, and then heighten this sense of flattening, and of silence, with the hush of a photograph… Humans have long been intruiged by visualising sound waves as we are, supposedly, ‘better’ at seeing than hearing. How does one even begin to compare the senses? There are more neurons in our brains devoted to the visual than the aural, and so we might think we are more able to analysize data when it comes from a visual realm.”


One thought on “SoundStills

  1. Brendan J. Hogan

    Funny, I assumed they were photoshopped. Even with all the shadows. I’m sure that’s not what these people want to hear after they’ve gone through all the trouble of building and placing these sculptures. What does that say about the state of things?

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