Spanner – new ProTools Plugin!

Maggot software has just released a new ProTools plugin called SPANNER that I would have to say is a no-brainer/compulsory purchase for anyone working in 5.1 or 7.1 surround! And thankfully it is very affordable with an introductory price of US$199!! It has very low CPU overhead, so is totally feasible to run Spanner on every track in a session. But it also can be used as an AudioSuite plug, allowing non-realtime downmixes!!! Here is a quick look at it, in use first on a mono track, panning to 5.1:

Spanner C

And on a stereo track panning to 5.1

Spanner LR

You can also obviously use it on an LCR, 5.1 or 7.1 track to repan/manipulate any element but those screenshots give you no real idea of its power – you have to try it to fully appreciate just how clever it is. First that little smoothing control down the bottom of the plugin provides a form of virtual drag/friction, so rather than jerkily darting across the screen, the pan moves are smooth, with a controllable amount of drag. But I’ll let Justin introduce it himself & show you some of its features:

And some of the more unique features, in particular use of modifier keys to allow grouped pan movement:

And some examples of use as an AudioSuite plug:

Check out SPANNER here

3 thoughts on “Spanner – new ProTools Plugin!

  1. Bill Taylor


    I’m with NBC Television in New York and wonder how to purchase Spanner. Do you have a U.S. dealer? Or how can I purchase Spanner?


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